Limcee tablets – Benefits and side effects

limcee tablet

Limcee is a very famous Vitamin C tablet, rich in ascorbic acid, which is greatly consumed by the youth generation for skin glow and other benefits. But benefits comes up with several side effects too. So, in this blog we will be talking about if the benefits are worth it.

Types of Vitamin C

Vitamin C can be divided into two types on the basis of their sources.

Benefits Of Limcee Tablets

Limcee is famous for it’s benefits. Being a Vitamin C rich supplement, Limcee inherits all it’s benefits. The several benefits of limcee tablets are as follows

  • Limcee is a powerful anti oxidant 
  • Helps in providing nourishment to the skin and prevents pre-matured aging
  • It helps in repairing and regenerating of body tissues
  • Plays a passive role in curing heart diseases
  • Iron absorption in the body is maintained by vitamin c in limcee
  • Plays a vital role in curing gum pain and bleeding gum problems also known as scurvy.
  • Reduces LDL, tri glycerides and cholesterol in the body
  • Research have proven that Vitamin C reduces free radical and takes part in cancer prevention
  • Acts as a immunity booster
  • Recently used as a body building supplement and it actually works
  • Heals cut and wounds in the body

What happens if there is less amount of Vitamin C in the body?

Lack of Vitamin C in the body is a problem that is underestimated. Certain symptoms include

  • Restlessness
  • Weakness in muscle
  • Gum bleeding
  • RBC count goes down

Dosage of Limcee

Daily dose of limcee include 65-90 mg of Vitamin C per day. A chart has been shown for the daily dosage requirement of limcee

An adult male 90mg 
An adult female 75mg 
Women in pregnancy85 mg
Breast feeding women 120 mg
Daily dose of limcee

NotePeople who are regular smokers can gain a huge benefit from vitamin C. But the dose needs to increased to about 250 mg a day.

Side effects

Side effects of limcee tablets are not seen in everyone. But due to high consumption or due to not following the doctor’s direction may lead to certain side effects.

  • Diarrhea
  • Nausea and vomiting tendency
  • Abdomen cramps
  • Digestive problems
  • Increase of yellowish urine
  • Redness in skin

Does limcee tablet makes u fairer?

The simple answer to this is “NO”


As i mentioned previously Limcee tablets nourishes and provides glow to your skin. Skin darkness is directly related to melanin in the body. Limcee only provides glow but presence of melanin controls the complexion of your skin. Limcee tablet kills free radicals in the body and old cells are rejuvinated, as a result glow in the skin remains intact.

When not to consume limcee tablets?

People suffering from certain problems or diseases should not consume limcee tablets. These diseases include

  • People with stone and kidney problems
  • People with diabetes should consult your doctor before consuming limcee tablets
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