Know The Unsuspected Benefits of Radish For Which It Should Be Eaten More

Health benefits of radish

Mom says, “Go and eat Raphanus sativus.” Raphanus sativus! What’s that? Wait, don’t get confused as it’s nothing alien; it is our very own vegetable, Radish. Well, that was all about the scientific name. But did you realize that often most of your moms speak the same thing and keep on insisting you to have radish? If not, then try to recall, and I’m sure most of you will get a ‘yes’ in your mind. And why not? Of course, there are more than one reasons for radish to be on your plate every day, most of which are perhaps unknown to you.

Here, we’ll uncover those unsuspected health benefits of radish that might surprise you. Check it out.

Radish is good for liver and stomach health

This little tuber is the ultimate solution for the proper functioning of your liver and stomach. Radish acts as a powerful detoxifying agent by removing the toxins and other wastes from the blood and thus purifying it.

It is helpful in the treatment of jaundice as it removes bilirubin and controls its production. Besides, radish, especially the black radish if consumed along with leaves, reduces red blood cell distribution in jaundice patients and stabilizes their liver condition.

Radish helps in kidney functions and the treatment of urinary disorders

Radish is highly diuretic. Hence, it helps in increasing urine production and aids in healing burning sensation during urination. It inhibits various kidney infections and maintains kidney health.

Radish improves the cardiovascular system

Studies reveal that radish promotes cardiovascular improvement through its rich content of anthocyanins and flavonoids. It reduces cardiovascular diseases and helps maintain sound health.

Radish helps prevent cancer

Radish exhibits some good anti-carcinogenic properties due to its rich Vitamin C, folic acid, and anthocyanin content. Moreover, radish has plenty of antioxidants and flavonoids that help combat cancer cell production, especially colon, kidney, stomach, intestinal & pancreatic cancer.

Radish helps to regulate blood pressure

Medically, there’s a strong connection between potassium and blood pressure reduction. As this mineral reacts with the vascular bed, it loosens the blood vessels, eventually increasing the blood flow. Radish is a power source of potassium, helps control blood pressure by stimulating the ideal blood circulation.

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Radish helps in diabetes control

Another beneficial aspect of radish is its diabetes controlling property. Radish possesses a low glycemic index, and thus, doesn’t affect the blood sugar levels. Besides, it helps in regulating sugar assimilation in the blood. Radish contains chemical compounds such as glucosinolate and isothiocyanate that control blood sugar levels. Large radish intake enhances the body’s natural adiponectin production, a hormone that protects against insulin resistance.

It has also got Coenzyme Q10 that is an antioxidant that hinders diabetes formation and growth. Thus, a diabetic patient can safely consume radish without fearing a high glucose level.

Radish helps in controlling fever

Radish, or radish juice to be precise, turns out to be one of the best home remedies during fever. It lowers the body temperature and eliminates fever inflammations. Thus, radish guarantees relief from fever or elevated body temperatures naturally without leaving any side-effects.

Radish boosts natural immune system response

One of the best things about radish is that it shows positive results on your overall immune system. Consuming radish every day adds to the daily assimilation of about 15% Vitamin C in the body. Thus, the daily accumulation of Vitamin C in the body increases the efficacy of the immune system. It ultimately builds up stronger immunity, the thing that is a must during these Covid-19 days.

Radish helps in gallbladder function

More often, radish is called ‘gallbladder-friendly’ due to its positive effects on gallbladder function. It regulates the production and flow of extra bile and thus prevents the gallbladder from ulcers and infections. It not only protects the gallbladder but also similarly preserves the liver.

Radish is a boon for the skin

Besides providing inner benefits, radish is responsible for stimulating outer beauty too. It has Vitamin C, phosphor, zinc, and some Vitamin B components that are particularly effective in improving skin health. Besides, radish contains a significant quantity of water that helps maintain the perfect moisture of your skin.

Not only this, the raw crumbled radish makes a great natural face cleanser that cleanses your face and leaves it fresh, clean, and hydrated. Moreover, because of its high antioxidant and flavonoid content, radish shows good disinfectant properties. It reduces skin irritation and disorders such as dry skin, wrinkles, cutaneous eruptions, and more.

Radish promotes better digestion

Radish is rich in dietary fibers and thus, significantly increases intestinal movements, leading to better digestion. Regular consumption of radish in a diet is good for bowel movements and alleviates constipation and its symptoms. Besides, radish enhances bile production that is essential for good digestion.

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Radish contributes to weight loss

An interesting thing about radish is that it satiates and makes your tummy full without adding extra calories to your body. It is so because it has got very few calories, zero fat, and low carbohydrate content and serves to be a great weight loss therapy. Furthermore, radish is rich in fibers and has a low glycemic index that increases body metabolism and promotes faster weight loss.

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Radish protects against cell damage

With a good amount of Vitamin C and other antioxidants such as catechin, pyrogallol, vanillic acid, and phenolic compounds, radish becomes proactive in protecting your cells from damage.

Radish helps to get rid of phlegm

Radish is extremely helpful when it comes to the removal of mucus. It helps in clearing phlegm, which in turn helps get relief from sinuses. Besides, radish, especially in the form of hot soup, relieves sore throat and nasal congestion. Furthermore, it helps in preventing bronchitis, asthma, and other respiratory problems.


Ever thought this little tuber could do so much? No, right? So the next time you get a radish on your plate, don’t dare to say a ‘No’ to it because otherwise, the radish itself won’t spare your health.

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