Jeera benefits in Ayurveda

Jeera benefits in Ayurveda

Jeera also known as cumin seeds, is great for health. Previously we discussed several benefits of different herbs, so continuing the trend today we are going to discuss the various benefits of jeera in aspects of Ayurveda.

Jeera is basically used as a taste enhancer and considered a great spice in India. But besides being a taste enhancer there are several health benefits of jeera and various medicines in Ayurveda are prepared with jeera. 

Jeera is of two types

  1. Masala jeera or Sada jeera
  2. Kala Jeera also known as kalonji

Nutritional information of jeera

Nutrients (per 100g)Amount
Vitamin B60.4mg
Vitamin C7.7mg
Nutritional information of jeera

How jeera should be consumed in accordance with Ayurveda- 7 diseases and their treatment with jeera

1. Powdered form

 In a Tawa the jeera is slightly roasted, then the roasted jeera is put in a mixer grinder and grinded until transformed to a powdered form. This powdered form jeera should be taken once in the morning (1-3gms) and once in the evening (1-3gms). Mix this powder in warm water and consume it. According to Ayurveda, this jeera powder helps in the treatment of various diseases if consumed regularly. 

2. Herbal Syrup form

Take half spoon of jeera and boil it in 1 cup of water. When the water after boiling reduces to 1/2 cup cool it down and add “mishri” to make the syrup sweet. You can have this syrup twice, once in the morning and once in the evening. 

3. Jeera with water

Take 1 cup of water and boil it. After boiling it up, take it up in a container. Add 1/2 tablespoon of jeera in it, and cover up the container. Leave it as it is for the entire night. While waking up in the morning, filter this drink, and drink this on an empty stomach. This is highly beneficial again for the treatment of certain diseases.

I will be mentioning which form of jeera should be taken for the treatment of certain diseases according to Ayurveda.

Benefits of jeera according to Ayurveda

1. Lactation

After pregnancy, women face problems of not producing enough breast milk for their children. For this purpose, moms take medications that have several side effects. According to Ayurveda, jeera helps in producing enough breast milk for the mother. It also helps in improving the digestive system of your newborn child.

Roast the jeera in a Tawa and then grind it. Now add equal amounts of powdered Kalpi mishri to it. Now store this mixture in a container. 

You should consume this mixture with warm milk twice a day, if you are facing problems with lactation. One tablespoon in the morning and one tablespoon in the evening with cow milk. 

2. In fat loss

For people facing overweight or fat problems and wants to lose their weight by the Ayurvedic process, jeera is their ultimate choice. This method not only removes the fat of your body but also removes the bad cholesterol. 

 As I mentioned previously the jeera in the powdered form should be used to reduce your weight.

Consume 1/2 tablespoon of the powdered jeera in the morning and 1/2 tablespoon of the powdered jeera in the evening before having food. 

3. For people with sugar problems

People having type 2 diabetes, can consume the jeera powder twice a day. For diabetic patients, the powdered jeera should be consumed after having food. You can also use the herbal syrup form but you shouldn’t use any “mishri” in this case. Daily following this procedure will increase the insulin level of your body gradually. 

4. For people with low blood count

People having low iron and blood content in the body should consume jeera regularly. Jeera is high in Iron as a result it increases the RBC count of your body. Powdered jeera or the jeera herbal syrup can be used for increasing blood count.

Consume the powdered jeera or the jeera syrup twice a day. The jeera increases the iron content and RBC count thus helping in the increase of hemoglobin in the body.

5. Plays a vital role during the menstrual cycle of women

The main problem faced during the menstrual cycle of women is severe pain in the stomach and legs. As a result, you need to consume painkillers to reduce the pain which possesses several side effects. Jeera can be used as a homemade remedy for the treatment of this pain with no side effects according to Ayurveda.

Just consume the jeera syrup twice a day, after having your food. The follicle acid content increases in the body because of the jeera. As a result, the hormonal coordination is maintained, the pain is gradually decreased, and no allergies are witnessed. 

6. During season change

During season change, people face various problems like cold, cough, constipation, viral fever, and many others. But you need to worry no more. Consume the jeera syrup twice a day after having food, for 2 weeks. Jeera has antiviral functions, which act as a shield for viruses and protect your body from various viruses and bacteria.

7. Anti-cancer agent

In recent days, the immunity of people has gone down. As a result, cancer has been quite common. Jeera consists of anti-cancer properties. Jeera consists of Vitamin E which pauses the malignancy of the cancer cells and slowly kills the cancer cells. Consume the jeera syrup twice a day, regularly. 


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