Is PUBG harmful for health? | 8 side effects of playing PUBG mobile

Is PUBG harmful for health, side effects of pubg mobile

PUBG (Player’s Unknown Battleground), a game that created history due to its huge fan following is completely free and available in the play store. Recently it has been banned in India, but Krafton is set to launch BGMI (Battle Grounds Mobile India). 

This game does not require any talent or skill to play but if you want to be a professional player in this game then you need some good skills. According to WHO, game addiction is a mental disorder. But it has been a controversy about whether playing pubg will cause serious mental effects or it is okay to play PUBG.

This article will solve all your questions regarding “is pubg harmful for health”. After reading the entire article you will receive all your answers to the following questions

  • Side effects of PUBG mobile
  • Is pubg game dangerous?
  • How is pubg mobile harmful?
  • Are there any advantages of playing pubg mobile?
  • Disadvantages of pubg

Is Pubg mobile dangerous?

There is a difference between playing pubg and getting addicted to pubg. Playing pubg for 2hours gives you a break from your regular stress and studies. It acts as a refreshment.

But people basically cross this line. They tend to go above 4 hours 5 hours and sometimes the entire day playing pubg mobile. This leads to addiction. This gaming addiction causes serious health effects. The limited playing of pubg is safe but going on with the game and developing pubg addiction is dangerous for your health.

8 side effects of pubg game

Let’s begin with the several side effects of playing pubg mobile. Physically playing pubg does not cause such serious effects but mentally it devastates you. 

1. Pubg mobile makes your nature aggressive

pubg makes you aggressive

Yes, this is true. Pubg is an open-world game where the main aim is to shoot down enemies and become the last man standing.

“Winner winner chicken dinner” as they call it.

If someone is playing an aggressive game like pubg, 6-7 hours a day where you need to shoot down all the other players to be the winner, it leads to the development of aggression.

Pubg players cannot do the same things in real life. In the game, he is a hero, who takes down all the players but in real life, he is average. This sense of contrast between the real and virtual world develops aggression. The habit of shooting down the other players in the game leads to the continuation of this aggressive psychology in the real world.

The brain develops aggression due to the contrast between the real and virtual world as he cannot do the same thing which he is doing in Pubg mobile.

2. Your social anxiety increases 

pubg increases social anxiety

If you are a pubg addict, you will develop social anxiety. This society anxiety includes 

  •  Awkwardness in talking to new people
  • Standing alone in a party or wedding ceremonies
  • Awkwardness in meeting new people
  • Problems in developing conversations

The tendency to talk less and avoiding conversation are caused due to social anxiety that develops due to pubg addiction. Your confidence and social esteem level go down. 

3. Shallow focus

pubg addiction leads to shallow focus

People with pubg addiction tend to develop shallow focus. The concentration and focus power go down. You cannot focus on any other activities except the game. Focus is of two types.

  1. Deep focus – Your concentration power remains high.
  2. Shallow focus – Your concentration power remains low and you easily get distracted.

Pubg addiction leads to this shallow focus. The shallow focus increases in your body as a result this affects your personality as well.

4. Poor performance in everything

All of the above-mentioned points lead to poor performances. Be it in studies, in aspects of health, carrier growth, or even your relationships everything is affected. This is because the priority of pubg mobile in your life becomes more than other factors that help you become successful.

Pubg lovers say that pubg is a stress reliever. Well, indeed it can be a stress reliever but what about people who are addicts, who are playing pubg for the entire day without doing their studies or concentrating on their carrier. Also for people who say pubg acts as a stress reliever, should you be dependent on pubg mobile to relieve your stress?

Even I believe that if you play any game it acts as a stress reliever but for a limited time. But who decides this limited time? If you are continuously telling your brain that pubg relieves your stress, then your brain accepts pubg as the stress reliever.

Creating conversations, reading storybooks, spending time with family does not remain to be a stress reliever anymore according to your brain.

5. Pubg may lead to depression

pubg leads to depression

Imagine, you are someone who has a great carrier ahead, and instead of using your time to improve your carrier wasting your most valuable time in focusing to become the best in pubg mobile.

What will this lead to?

Nothing to be precise. You are wasting your entire time. Instead of focusing on how to improve your career you spend your time playing this game and after a certain time, you are sitting at home jobless, just because you did nothing to improve your career but played pubg. This leads to extreme depression. 

6. Physical health degrades

Playing pubg mobile leads to the degradation of physical health. People favor playing pubg mobile instead of exercising, gymming or playing outdoor sports. It has been quite common now.

Children have stopped playing outdoor games and have started playing online games. This is entirely wrong. You start developing an unfit body, and sometimes you start gaining weight and fats. Your body tends to be in a lazy mode and this is bad for your physical health.

7. Pain in neck and shoulder

pubg leads to pain in back and neck

Pubg addiction leads to a habit of playing pubg for more than 5-6 hours. This results in staying at a fixed place in the sitting posture or the sleeping posture with full concentration on the game. These fixed postures can lead to severe pain in the neck and shoulders. 

8. Difficulty in sleeping

Sleep is highly essential for our body. Sound sleep is necessary for your body to perform all the necessary activities of your daily life. People tend to play pubg more at night while staying awake. The graphics and adrenaline rush of the game leads to disturbances in sleep. You can never get deep sleep if you are playing pubg at night. And this is the absolute truth.

Learn about how to get sound sleep.

Are there any advantages of playing pubg mobile?

Now you will be all like I mentioned that pubg has such side effects but at the same time how can it be advantageous? Well, I mentioned previously that there is a difference between the extensive playing of pubg which leads to pubg addiction, and limited playing of pubg.

The limited playing of pubg mobile has benefits. Yes, I repeat pubg has advantages too if it is played for a limited time. The advantages include

1. Makes your vision efficient

You read it right. Limited gaming makes your vision powerful than others. There are several articles that video games are bad for the eyes. This is nothing but a myth.

Research conducted by Daphne Bavelier states that action pact video games make your eyesight better and helps in improving in distinguishing the contrasts that other people cannot do so easily.

Bavelier stated “But we’ve found that action video games train the brain to process the existing visual information more efficiently, and the improvements last for months after game play stopped.”

A pubg player’s eyesight is far superior to that of a non-gamer

  • A gamer can easily read small words or bad handwriting 
  • Gamers can catch grey colors very easily than non-gamers ( action pact games is populated with grey colors)

A pubg player can easily drive through a fog if compared to a non-gamer as he is already accustomed to this condition in pubg. The ability to sense grey color in a gamer is very high. 

2. Efficient in case of choosing

In the situation of conflicts, gamers who are into pubg mobile can easily choose between two options. In such situations, the brain of a pubg player works much faster compared to someone who doesn’t play a game. The limited playing of the game will also increase your ability to pay attention to someone, ultimately increasing your focus. 

3. Ability to track objects

You use this ability every day in your life. When you are walking, unconsciously, your brain starts tracking people nearby. This is the reason you keep your balance and do not crash with someone while walking. This is because your brain is continuously tracking people nearby.

This tracking is also seen among drivers, the way they track other cars and stay away to not cause any accidents. Gamers possess this power of tracking much more compared to non-gamers. This is because when playing a game you need to keep a lot of things in mind.

In the case of pubg mobile, there are also a lot of things that you need to keep in your mind throughout your game life. Examples being when you need to reload your rifle when to take med kids or painkillers, what could be the next zone, how to survive the next zone, how much ammo to carry so there is room for other things to carry too in your bag.

The parietal lobe is responsible for your tracking functions of the brain. And in gamers, this parietal lobe is found to be highly active. 

4. Increases your multitasking capabilities

For people who are into pubg mobile can easily focus one object and at the same time can do several other things efficiently. There are certain situations in the game where one needs to do 2-3 things at a time in order to survive. And in reality, they develop this ability too.

Imagine you are driving a car and suddenly your cell rings. You pick up the call and still you need to concentrate on your driving. This is tough. But players who are into action pact games like pubg mobile can easily handle such situations of urgent multitasking.


PUBG has both positive and negative sides. Not only pubg, everything in this universe has a positive and a negative effect. It entirely depends on how you take it. Playing pubg in limitations ( not more than 2 hours) has great advantages but too much pubg leads to its addiction and ultimately leading to several side effects and disadvantages. 


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