Is Parachute coconut oil safe for eating?

Is Parachute Coconut Oil Safe For Eating?

Parachute coconut oil is a product that we have used a lot during our childhood. It is one of the most popular coconut oil in the Indian markets. Parachute is now one of the biggest brands in India developing trust among all the consumers. 

But today in this blog I will be talking about the fact whether it is good for eating or should we use parachute coconut oil for external purposes only. 

How to know if coconut oil can be directly consumed?

In order to know if the coconut oil can be directly consumed, it should be written on the packaging if it is edible or not. 

Parachute coconut oil mentions that it is 100% pure coconut oil and on the backside of the packaging it is mentioned that the Parachute coconut oil is a premium quality 100% pure edible oil made from the finest coconuts. 

So, Yes, the parachute coconut oil can be eaten as the company mentions it on the packaging. But there is one thing that is missing in the packaging that creates doubt.

Whenever we buy any oil for consumption, for example, if we buy olive oil, we always check if it is an extra virgin olive oil or not. So you need to check if the oil is virgin or not before direct consumption. Virgin oil means cold extraction of the oil that is it is not manufactured by the high heating process. 

So Parachute coconut oil mentions that it is edible but never mentions whether it is virgin coconut oil or not. It can be a refined form of coconut oil or a purified version of coconut oil. 

You can use it for direct consumption but not for regular use because it never mentions whether it is virgin coconut oil or it is made by cold compression method. The packaging labels are unclear.

What type of coconut oil is used in Parachute Coconut Oil?

To understand the type of coconut oil content in Paracted one needs to understand certain terms.

Cold Pressed Vs Hot Pressed Coconut oil

Cold pressed coconut oil is processed at temperatures that never exceed 120 degrees Fahrenheit, while expeller-pressed coconut oil is processed at temperatures that never exceeds 210 degrees Fahrenheit. As expeller-pressed coconut oil is processed at high temperatures it has less nutritional value. Parachute Coconut oil is a hot pressed coconut oil. I will prove this by the help of an experiment.

Refined vs unrefined coconut oil

Refined coconut oils are that coconut oil that is bleached so that it looks clear and deodorized so that it lacks the smell of coconut oil. They will have the fats of coconut oil but it will not have those antioxidants. On the other hand, unrefined coconut oil is one that has not gone through any bleaching process or any chemical process. Parachute coconut oil is unrefined coconut oil. 

The Experiment

A simple test to determine the quality and purity of coconut oil used in Parachute Coconut Oil.

Take two glasses. Put a small amount of parachute coconut oil in one and organic coconut oil in another. Cover them up and put them in a fridge for 30 minutes. Whenever you put pure coconut oil in a cool place it solidifies. 

After 30 minutes, the organic coconut oil has become completely solid but the parachute coconut oil solidifies but some of its droplets still remain intact. 

What does this prove?

  1. The color – You can yourself see the color while pouring both the coconut oil in their respective glasses. The organic edible one is naturally white in color whereas the parachute coconut is slightly yellowish in color.
  2. The color after freezing – The organic coconut oil is entirely snow-white in color and there are no impurities found whereas the parachute coconut oil gives you a darker greyer shade consisting of little impurities.

Final Verdict

After the test and information provided, it has been clearly proven that Parachute coconut oil is of inferior quality to other organic cold-pressed coconut oils. The yellow color shows that it has been heated to higher temperatures for its preparation. 

So is Parachute Coconut Oil bad?

  1. For skin/hair – Yes, parachute coconut oil might not be the correct choice for skin and hair. Because the essential fatty acids that will help your hair or skin in their antibacterial or anti-fungal properties, are very less in Parachute Coconut Oil because of its processing.
  2. For raw consumption – Another No, because Parachute coconut oil lacks the important nutrients, you will only receive saturated fats.
  3. For cooking – For cooking purposes you can use parachute coconut oil because anyways you are going to heat it for long hours at a high temperature, so anyways all the nutrients die in all cases. So it is safe to use coconut oil for cooking purposes but only the 100% pure edible one. 


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