Is Kellogg’s chocos good for health?

Is Kellogg's Chocos Good For Health?

Kellogg’s chocos is a breakfast cereal snack which is greatly prefered by young children and teenagers. I guess most of the people have already consumed chocos due to it’s great taste and nutrient value. 

 I still remember during old days this chocos was one of the edible things I used to crave a lot, and my mother used to mix it up with milk. And sometimes I used to eat this directly because of it’s chocolate taste. Many can relate to this.

But Is it really good for health? Or is it only the taste that used to drive us crazy?

In this blog we will analyze the benefits and side effects of kellogg’s chocos and judge if it is really good for a child’s health.

Nutrition information of chocos

This chart represents the nutrients present in 30 gram Kellogg’s chocos.

Energy113 Kcal
Saturated fat0.4g
Trans fat0g
Total carbohydrate25g
Dietary fiber1.5g
Nutritional value of Kellogg’s chocos

Benefits of chocos for kids

  1. Chocos is a powerhouse of vitamins and minerals. It consists of all the vitamins and minerals necessary for the growth and development of your child.
  2. It has an amazing taste which is highly preferred by children. Most children does not like the taste of milk. Chocos when mixed with milk is accepted largely by the kids. It acts as a taste influencer and also providing ample amounts of vitamins and minerals along with milk.
  3. Presence of high amount of Vitamin C in chocos helps in providing immunity against germs and bacteria for your kids. It acts as an immunity booster.
  4. Chocos consist of low amount of saturated fat which is a great factor. Unsaturated fats are good for health. No trans fat is present in chocos, serving as another plus point.
  5. The amount of cholesterol is negligible, another plus point in Kellogg’s Chocos.

Disadvantages of Chocos

  • Chocos contain large amount of sugar, about 9 grams in 30 gram serving. Such amount of sugar causes high weight gain for your kids as well as adults.
  • Though a very low amount of saturated fat is present in chocos, but even that small amount can lead to bad fat in the body.
  • The primary ingredient is whole wheat flour while the second is wheat flour or maida. That means that Kelloggs chocos is mostly simple starch which does no good for those with weight issues and lifestyle diseases.

Easiest way to make chocos breakfast

A two minute recipe for chocos as a breakfast cereal is provided. Follow these simple steps to make chocos at home within 2 minutes.

  • Put the chocos in a bowl
  • Pour hot milk over the bowl of chocos
  • Slowly start mixing the chocos
  •  If you like you can add nuts such as cashew and almonds in the chocos
  • Now the tasty and healthy kellogg’s chocos breakfast is ready to serve.

Is chocos good for weight loss?

The simple answer to this is “NO”. Because Kellogg’s chocos contain 9 gram of sugar in 30 gram of the serving, which is a very high value compared to others in the market. Chocos also contain a little amount of saturated fat which is not again good . So it can used as a weight gainer but not for weight loss purposes.

What is the main difference between chocos and corn flakes?

In aspects of taste chocos has a great taste if compared to corn flakes. But it consists of a lot of sugar as I mentioned before. Malt extract is found in chocos, which is basically a type of sweetener. It also contain artificial colors. So in aspect of health and nutritive value corn flakes is far better than chocos, but in aspects of taste chocos is better than corn flakes.


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