Is Amul spray good for babies?

is amul spray good for babies

Maybe nowadays, you guys use Amul spray for making tea or you eat it in the powdered form since it tastes amazing, but Amul spray for babies is an amazing choice.

I still remember when I was small, my mother used to feed me lactogens and cerelacs since during my time Amul spray was not so famous in the marketplaces. 

Amul spray is not a new company. Amul has been around in the market for maybe 24-25 years now. The taste of Amul spray is amazing. For people who had already liked the powdered milk taste will definitely love the taste of powdered Amul spray. 

How to use Amul spray for babies?

The taste of Amul spray compared to other milk powders in the market is amazing. General moms think that this Amul milk is a little heavy for baby in aspects of digestion and a simple word to this is “Maybe Yes “. As a result it is not recommended to feed this to babies who are less then 6 months old. 

The mother’s milk is the best milk under 6 months. But within the 6 months period  just buy a small pouch of Amul spray from the market and you can feed it to your baby. If it suits your baby then it is the choice that you should go for with your eyes closed.

  • For babies under 2 weeks you can give 3 tsp of powdered amul spray in 90 ml water, 4 times a day.
  • For babies above 2 weeks but below 1 month use 4 tsps of amul spray in 120 ml water, 5times a day.
  • For babies above 2 months use 5 tsps of amul spray in 150 ml water , 5 times a day.
  • For babies in the 3-4 months period use amul spray in an average of 6 tsps in 180 ml water, 6 times a day.
  • For babies above 5 months use 7tsps in 210 ml water, 5 times a day
  • From 6 month onwards in a feeding bottle of 240 ml , 8 tbsps and 5 times a day.

The best thing is to consult a doctor before deciding whether to give this to your baby under 6 months. Nowadays Amul spray is used less because of their high competitive brand NESTLE. But it is said that Amul is one of the gems in the baby food milk industry because of its low rate and qualitative benefits.

Amul spray contents

ENERGY VALUE450kcal/1880kj
Nutrients per 100 grams in Amul spray

When to start amulspray for babies?

A mother who cannot produce breast milk at all right from when the baby was born, doctors straight away prescribe formula milk or powdered milk since milk is highly essential for the baby.

How long can i store an amul spray formula that I just prepared?

Ideally you should not store the Amul spray formula after preparing it. A maximum of 15 minutes is the exact time which you are looking for in this question. Even if your baby is not hungry at that moment, just throw the mixture away and prepare a new one for the next time. 

What water should be mixed with amul spray?

Always use boiled or hot water so that the Amul spray mixes very well. 

How to check if Amul spray suits your baby?

There are a couple of ways.

  •  If the baby spits up the milk after having it, then your baby does not like it all.
  •  If the baby is crying a lot or if the baby is passing gas after you introduced Amul milk to the baby, then that’s the symbol your baby is not liking it.

Can amul milk and breast milk be given together?

Absolutely “YES”. A lot of mothers prefer breast milk first and after the breast milk session is over they prefer giving formula milk if the baby is hungry.

Amulspray leads to chubby babies?

Absolutely no, in fact there are no researches proving the statement true. 

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