Is Amul cheese good for your health?

Is Amul cheese good for your health?

Amul cheese is a type of melting cheese that is used in the preparation of various types of recipes. Be it on the top of a pizza or in between a burger or in a sandwich, Amul cheese acts as the perfect pairing. Amul is one of the most favored dairy product brands in India and the cheese by Amul is by no means an exception. 

Amul cheese is a 100% vegetarian product. There are various packagings of Amul cheese that you can find in the market. They generally come in slices. It is easily available in all food stores and even online. 

Cheese is basically a dairy product that is generally prepared with cow milk or buffalo milk. It is very similar to paneer but cannot be considered as panner because of its different ingredients.

People in India mainly use Amul cheese in breakfasts because it is highly rich in nutrients. The main nutrient found in cheese is protein. Today in this article we will be discussing the nutritional information, ingredients used and will be determining if this product is good for our daily health or not. So, let’s begin. 

Ingredients in Amul cheese

The main ingredients used for the preparation of Amul cheese are Cheese, Milk solids, Emulsifying salts (E331 and E452), and common salt. E200 and E234 are used as preservatives for improving the shelf life of Amul cheese. 

Nutritional Information

100g of Amul cheese consist of the following nutrients

Total fat 26g
Saturated fat16g
Added sugar0g

Amul cheese is famous because of its 3 main nutrients. 

  • Energy
  • Fat
  • Protein

The quantity of nutrition present in Amul cheese is not very high and as a result, it is recommended to eat Amul cheese along with a slice of bread as you get the nutrients of both the cheese and the bread. You can also combine Amul cheese with pizzas, burgers, and even sandwiches. 


Amul cheese should be stored in a refrigerator and has a shelf life of about 9 months. 

Is Amul cheese good for your daily use?

The simple answer to this question is Yes, you can consume Amul cheese on a regular basis as it is completely safe. In fact, the protein content in this cheese is quite high which makes it a great food for bodybuilders. The reasons for declaring Amul cheese as safe and good for health are as follows.

  • Amul is one of the biggest and most trusted dairy product brands in India.
  • No sugar is present in Amul cheese as a result it can be considered safe for diabetic patients.
  • Emulsifying salts (E331 and E452) present in Amul cheese are considered safe.
  • Also preservatives ( E200 and E234 ) used in Amul cheese are also considered safe if consumed in moderate amounts. Amul follows this guideline.
  • Amul cheese is considered great for people who are underweight and want to gain weight.
  • Amul cheese is a taste enhancer as well as consists of nutrients. 

Who should not consume Amul cheese?

  1. People who are allergic to cheese should stay away from Amul cheese.
  2. People who are on their weight loss journey should definitely stay away from Amul cheese as it contains fat.

Amul cheese also prevents certain diseases

Yes, this is true indeed. Consuming Amul cheese like any other cheese helps in the prevention of certain diseases. Though it can never be called a cure, cheese lowers down the risks of developing certain diseases. 

  • The high amount of Calcium present in Amul cheese helps in the prevention of Osteoporosis.
  • It is believed that consuming cheese can help you prevent various types of cancer.
  • It is also great for people having high blood pressure.
  • Amul cheese is also considered great for pregnant women (though you should always consult your doctor before consuming anything during pregnancy) 


200g of Amul cheese slices cost you around Rs 120.

500g of Amul cheese block cost you around Rs 250.

You can buy Amul cheese at a discount on Amazon.


Keeping every aspect constant Amul cheese can be considered good for your health and is 100% safe. The brand “Amul” has a great fan following in India because of its great products which include Amul Paneer, Amul ice cream, Amul spray, and many others. Besides having the above-mentioned health benefits Amul cheese also has a great buttery taste which makes them earn their reputation among children as well. 


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