How to prevent tanning from swimming 2021

how to prevent tanning from swimming

So you are a swimmer and you want to prevent tanning from swimming? How to prevent tanning from swimming? You have come to the right page for this simple question.

Most of us swim in pools which are treated with chlorine so largely that is the risk that you’re exposing yourselves to ease the risk of chlorinated water.

How chlorinated water leads to tanning?

It strips the skin of its natural moisture which embeds the barrier function of the skin hence leading to dry skin. and when your skin is dry when the barrier function is embed pre existing conditions like dermatitis like eczema and acne all can be aggravated or they can be triggered for the first time. 

How to prevent tanning from swimming – Before and after swimming.

Now how do you protect yourself and what should we do to minimize the damage that is caused by chlorine.

Before swimming

  • Cover yourself – Literally put a thick layer of a moisturizer or a barrier cream all over at least 30 minutes before you dive into a pool. Then you wait for another 20 minutes.
  • Use SPF 50+ – Just 10 minutes before you’re getting into the pool a high SPF of about 50+ (minimum 50) should be applied again on all the exposed areas of the body. 
  • Water resistant SPF – Now choose an SPF wisely that is water resistant. Now here water resistant means that it will last for around 45 minutes or more in water.
  • Reapply – If you are swimming for more than an hour you need to step out of the pool after an hour you dry yourself with a towel . Reapply a fresh layer of sunblock. Wait for 10 minutes for the sunblock to take it’s effect and then dive back into the pool. 

This is really important like you do not just apply a sunblock before diving into the pool and then keep swimming for hours without reapplying it.

After swimming – Aftercare

After care is really important so as soon as you get out of the pool

  • It is important to take a shower immediately. like just take a shower with a soap. 
  • Shampoo your hair, condition your hair.
  • Do all of this within half an hour of swimming because if you wait longer than that the effects of chlorinated water on your skin and hair can be much more. 
  • Immediately after you take a shower apply a layer of moisturizer within two minutes of finishing your shower .
  • Then you can use some anti-inflammatory or calming and soothing products to minimize the damage which has been done by this chlorinated water. 
  • Apply products like aloe vera gel on your face. You can use aloe vera on your body also .
NOTE - If you notice any specific rashes or aggravation of any specific skin problem that you're having please do consult your dermatologist to have those treated. Do not harbor those problems for long because if you wait for long these problems can really worsen. 

Find nearby dermatologist here. 

Tips to remember before choosing the best waterproof sunscreen for swimming

  • Often choose a form of skin-based sunscreen: are you oily-skinned? A sunscreen with mattifying properties might be found. Skin dry? Try a spray which has moisturizing properties. Skin sensitive? Try a physical sunscreen that has zinc oxide or titanium dioxide.
  •  Once you apply your sunscreen doesn’t mean you’re done for the day. Most sunscreens last just 1-2 hours, so you should always bring and reapply with a travel size one on you.
  • Wear it even when you don’t go out on a sunny day: rain or shine, even though you can’t see them, the sun’s rays in swimming pool are always harmful. Even in the winter and rainy months, wearing sunscreen is recommended. Bear in mind that from 11am-3pm the sun is highest. If the sun is intense, a very cool way to check is to check if your shadow is shorter than you are.

Is swimming tan permanent?

The simple answer is “NO”. The swimming tan is not permanent. Sunless tans are not expected to last for long. Depending about how much you shower regularly, and how much you sweat, a tan without sun, It could last as little as 3 days. It will start to fade after that, and the various product mentioned above would need to be re-applied. 

How to remove swimming tan instantly?

The appropriate quantities of gram flour, lemon juice and curd or yogurt are combined. Apply this paste to the area of the forehead and face affected by brown. Leave it and wash it with water for 15 minutes. This is an exclusive face pack prepared at home to very quickly and effectively remove tan from your skin. An egg white, milk cream and honey combination works well against skin tanning. To prevent tanning, blend tomato juice with honey or yogurt and apply it everyday to the skin.

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