How to maintain a healthy-looking beard?

Growing a healthy beard is something anyone can admire and be proud of. However, it is not always easy to achieve the desired beard length and style. The sad thing is nobody will teach you how to grow a healthy-looking beard, and shaving will not make your beard grow faster. You need to adopt a beard care routine to maintain healthier facial hair.

One of the primary factors in maintaining a healthy-looking beard is master beard styling and knowing the right products to use. Keep reading to find out how you can keep your beard healthy all the time.

1. Take cannabis edibles

cannabis edibles

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With the popularity of CBD edibles on the rise, they can play an essential role in maintaining beard health. The protein-building properties of CBD edibles and their moisturizing power work on the beard hair to strengthen them with moisture and protein. With these edibles, you can grow a more prolonged and fuller beard.

CBD edibles are examples of beard growth supplements that activate the human androgen receptors and supply more energy to the beard follicles. For example, edibles to add protein to the hair strand and strengthen it from the inside.

The edibles act as beard supplements that promote blood circulation for a healthier follicle. The edibles work for beards by influencing their growth from the inside. They increase testosterone levels, which results in a healthier beard.

2. Hydrate and nourish with beard oils and conditioners

Hydrate and nourish with beard oils and conditioners

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Beard oils are crucial to maintaining any facial hair and are popular with beard maintenance. Anyone with an impressive beard will recommend using beard oil as a care essential. The oils will keep your skin and facial air moisturized and looking fuller.

Since you are likely to lose oils in the shower, beard oil will replenish it while giving some volume for the beard to shine. Conditioners will also make your facial hair look healthier all around and grow faster. The oils and conditioners will make your beard softer and less itchy. Ensure you select quality oil without polyunsaturated vegetable oils to enjoy its benefits.

When you apply beard oil with natural ingredients, it quickly absorbs each hair to deliver nutrients and vitamins that hydrate and soften it. The oil boosts circulation by stimulating the prostaglandin E2 receptors to ensure the facial hair is not dry or irritated.

3. Use nutrition and vitamins

Beards always grow in response to the androgenic hormones in the body. The health of these beards relies on providing macronutrients to act as building blocks. Therefore, supplement your diet with appropriate vitamins and minerals like green bali kratom  to improve the health of your beard.

Incorporate vitamins into your diet by consuming more fruits and vegetables. Your digestion will improve the health of your beard if you eat foods rich in vitamins and proteins. The vitamins, beta-carotene, and nettle will stimulate the health of your beard. Vitamin D, in particular, has testosterone-boosting capabilities that are directly related to beard health.

The nutrients and vitamins will increase the beard level growing hormones to make facial hair healthier. Eat plenty of foods such as garlic and onions that naturally promote beard circulation in the body. These foods activate the androgen receptors on the face and result in softer hair.

4. Drink plenty of water

Drink plenty of water

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You need enough fluids in the body to keep the beard well moisturized and hydrated from the inside. The beard benefits from plenty of water that accelerates its growth. Proper hydration also creates a full beard.  The recommended amount is at least eight glasses of water per day for a healthy-looking beard.

While it is not easy to get used to drinking water, it helps the beard feel softer, shinier, and grow better. It allows cells to regenerate as quickly as possible and supply the nutrients needed to be healthy. Moreover, it also improves blood circulation in the body, allowing oxygen to move to the cells and tissues.

5. Sleep, exercise, and stress reduction

sleep and exercise can help you grow your beard

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Since beard growth is dependent on your testosterone and DGT level, quality sleep and regular exercise can be critical to a healthy-looking beard. When you get quality sleep and exercise, your beard hairs will receive more androgenic hormones, vitamins, and nutrients that maintain them. Keep yourself active all the time to improve the overall circulation and allow healthy beard growth.

Therefore, the trick is to take complete control of your health that directly influences the beard condition. Stress affects hair growth in remarkable ways, often leading to hair loss in men. Lack of stress impacts the testosterone levels that can benefit facial hair. So, focus on activities that will reduce daily stressors and improve your health. For example, engage in more physical exercises and get enough sleep. Exercises influence facial hair growth by improving body circulation. 


Establishing a healthy-looking beard won’t be difficult if you have the necessary tips. If you have an itchy beard, lubricating the skin with these tips can solve the problem. The oils, nutrients, and exercise will be the trick needed to make it healthier. With this knowledge, you can adequately take care of your facial hair while utilizing the right tools. The most crucial point is to avoid disturbing your beard by forcing it into shape. For example, don’t twist and twirl your mustache, as it can damage the health of your facial hair.


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