Horlicks Protein Plus – Is it worth it?

horlicks protein plus

Horlicks protein plus is a health supplement drink mainly focused on protein by GSK laboratories ( a huge brand in the pharmaceutical industry ). It claims to have been built with 3 types of high protein.

In this blog, we will be discussing the fact if Horlicks protein plus is better then most of the other supplement health drink in the market and also providing its nutritive value and health benefits. After reading this blog completely, you will make the right choice of buying this product or not.

Nutrition in Horlicks Protein Plus

100gram of horlicks protein contains the following nutrients depicted in a chart

Energy370 Kcal
Protein33 gm
Carbohydrates55 gm
Sugar in carbohydrate23.5 gm
Fat2 gm
Zinc3.3 mg
Calcium320 mg
Magnesium113.3 mg
Phosphorous300 mg
Vitamin A1000 mcg
Vitamin C106.6 mcg
Vitamin E5 mg
Vitamin D16.7 mcg
Nutrition in Horlicks Protein Plus

Per serving of Horlicks protein plus is 3 heap spoon or 30 gram which contains approximately 10.5 gram of protein, 15.2 gram of carbohydrate and negligable amount of fat.

Protein Blends in Horlicks Protein +

It is made up of 3 blending proteins

  1. Soy protein
  2. Whey protein 
  3. Casein

Health Benefits Of Horlicks Protein Plus

There are various health benefits of this health drink. The main benefits are as follows

  • A key body building and muscle building drink
  • Presence of Amino Acids provides quality protein to the body
  • Provides strength and immunity
  • Source of large amount of energy required by the body
  • High protein synthesis due to presence of high amount of magnesium

Who should consume Horlicks Protein Plus

Anyone except children can consume this health drink, irrespective of gender. Very good for people who are into body and muscle building

Comparing Horlicks Protein Plus with other health drinks

There are various protein health drink and protein supplements in the market. So today, we are going to compare this with Protinex ( one of the best health drink in aspects of protein) available in the market.

Horlicks Protein Plus VS Protinex

In aspects of nutritional content of protinex, you can read it in our previous blog “Protinex VS Ensure

Pretty much same amount of nutrition is found in both. Protinex serving size is 25 grams. The protein present in Protinex per serving is 8 grams, Carbohydrates are 14.4gram of which 8 gram is sugar. The presence of an amount of vitamins and minerals are also very identical to Horlicks protein plus. 

But, if considered between Horlicks protein plus and Protinex, I would say Horlicks protein plus is better.


Firstly, because it is a blend of whey concentrate protein(30%), soy isolate(8%) and casein (1%). Casein is one of the costliest protein sources. Whereas in protinex the protein source is just soy isolate. So you get one in three in Horlicks protein plus.

Whey concentrated protein and Soy protein both are complete proteins that is the 9 amino acids that is required for it to be a complete protein is present in it. 

Whey protein consists of 4 amino acids whose concentration is very high compared to soy protein. The 4 amino acids are

  • Leucine
  • Isoleucine
  • Methionine
  • Lysin

These 4 amino acids are excellent for bodybuilding and development because the methionine amino acid extremely helps in weight loss. Lysin helps in muscle growth. So it is one of the best choices among bodybuilders.

But that does not mean soy protein is of no use. Soy protein also contains some amino acids which are much higher than whey concentrated protein. The amino acids are

  • Arginine
  • Tryptophan
  • Phenylalanine

So this Horlicks protein plus contain both this soy isolated protein and the whey concentrated protein. Whereas Protinex only contain soy protein.

So why go for only one when you can have two in the same price range? 

Again it contains casein, yes the amount of casein present is low but there is no health protein supplements that provide you with casein under the same price range. 

So with your eyes closed go for this Horlicks Protein Plus instead of Protinex

Why it can never be better then the whey protein supplement?

If you are thinking that this Horlicks protein plus can be a substitute for your Whey protein supplement ( which I consider you are already consuming of a trusted brand) then you are extremely wrong. By trusted brand of whey protein, I mean that the brand is already running in the market for over 10 years and is a trusted whey protein seller brand. 

If you are comparing Horlicks protein plus to any of these Whey protein brands, be it concentrated protein, blend protein or isolate protein then it can never compete with them.


  • Because the sugar content is very high compared to Whey protein.
  • And also because Whey Protein concentrates upon a single cause whereas Horlicks concentrate on various factors and not only bodybuilding proteins.

How and when to use Horlicks Protein Plus?

It is suggested to have it twice, during the day and night with milk. 

But I have figured out a great way of consuming Horlicks protein plus to reach its optimum potential for bodybuilders.

Do not consume it in the day or night. Take it once in the evening after working out. Mix it with water and take 3-4 egg whites with it to complete the protein requirement. This is highly recommended for bodybuilders. 


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