Himalaya Rumalaya forte tablet – Benefits, composition, side effects, dosage

Himalaya Rumalaya forte is basically an ayurvedic table used for lessening the pain in your body. This tablet has several other health benefits besides curing pain which I will be covering in this article. It is made up of several ingredients which have very high ayurvedic values for your health and is specialized in curing arthritis.

So today in this blog we will be talking about the benefits of Himalaya rumalaya tablets, along with its composition, side effects, dosage and safety. So let’s begin.

Himalaya Rumalaya Forte tablet – Composition

Each Rumalaya Forte tablet contains the following ingredients

Guggulu (purified)200mg

Other ingredients include

  • Methylparaben Sodium
  • Propylparaben Sodium
  • Ponceau-4R (color)
  • Quinoline yellow (color)

Health benefits of Himalaya Rumalaya forte tablet

1. Anti-inflammatory property

Rumalaya forte consist of anti-inflammatory properties, which helps in treatment of any type of pain in your body. It is the best ayurvedic tablet that helps in curing any types of inflammation in your body (including traumatic inflammation). The presence of Guggul inhibits the formation of nitric oxide, thus preventing damage in bone and joint cells.

2. Analgesic property

Rumalaya forte possess analgesic properties which helps in curing pain along with inflammation. It provides with a relief from pain. In some cases the affect can be temporary.

3. Antioxidant property

Rumalaya forte also possess antioxidant properties which helps in removal of free radicals from your body and ultimately increasing your immunity. This removal of free radicals are necessary as they degrade the tissues present in our body, thus resulting in heart related and kidney related problems in the near future.

4. Better than most NSAIDs

NSAIDs are drugs that acts as a painkiller. These painkillers are believed to have several side effects which include liver problems, throat infections and various others. Rumalaya forte being an ayurvedic formulation has very no side effects compared to the other NSAIDs. This tablet can be consumed for a long period and is considered safe.

5. Improves blood vessels

The presence of Shallaki in Himalaya Rumalaya forte tablet helps in improving your blood vessels. For proper healing of a part of your body it is necessary to have proper blood circulation in that part. The Shallaki present in it maintains the blood flow and pressure in those parts.

What are the diseases that can be cured by Himalaya Rumalaya forte tablet?

1. Arthritis

Rumalaya forte tablet can be used in the treatment of all types of arthritis. If you experiencing pain in your joints and knees than this is the best choice for you. It is considered best in the treatment of Rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis.

2. Sciatica

Rumalaya forte is great for the treatment of sciatica. The pain that rises from your lower back can be treated with this tablet.

3. Frozen shoulder

Frozen shoulder is that condition in which you develop stiffness or pain in your shoulder. Rumalaya forte can be used for the treatment of frozen shoulder.

4. Cervical spondylosis

Cervical spondylosis is an age related problem. This condition generally develops with increasing age. The spinal disks are affected by this spondylosis. Use of Rumalaya forte is believed to be great for the treatment of such conditions.

5. Traumatic Inflammation

Doctors also prescribe Rumalaya forte tablet for the treatment of Traumatic Inflammation. It cures both the pain and inflammation caused by this type of inflammation.

Side effects

Himalaya Rumalaya forte being an Ayurvedic formulation do not have any side effects. But overdosing of Himalaya Rumalaya forte tablets can have certain side effects. This side effects include

  • Abdominal bloating
  • Development of gas in the stomach
  • Acidity

Himalaya Rumalaya forte is 100% safe if you follow your doctor’s advice regarding its dosage. Never try to self-experiment by increasing or decreasing the dosage of this tablet without consulting your doctor.


Himalaya Rumalaya forte tablet should be take twice a day, 1 tablet in the morning and another tablet in the evening. It is recommended to consume this tablet after 30 minutes of having food.

In this case you should always consult your doctor before consuming Rumalaya forte tablet. Your doctor will prescribe you the right dose for consuming this tablet on the basis of your problems.


  • Keep away from the reach of children
  • Not to given to kids under 5 years
  • Keep in a dry place away from sunlight


30 tablets of Himalaya Rumalaya forte tablet costs you around Rs 140.


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