Himalaya Liv 52 Tablets – The ultimate liver cure of 2021

himalaya liv 52

The Liv in Liv 52 tablets or syrup basically stands for liver. The tablets are made entirely for liver care. An ayurvedic herbal product that is used extensively in India for the proper function of liver. Liv 52 takes care of the complete cure and care of liver and liver problems.

Packing and price of Liv 52

The packing done by Himalaya is extremely perfect and up to the point. It’s price is Rs 101 for 100 tablets. The tablets are red in color and the manufactured quality is extremely perfect. The basic ingredients for liv 52 includes chichory and the caper bush. Chichory is an anti oxidant.

Liv 52 ingredients

Each tablet of liv 52 contains

Himsra130 Mg
kasani 130 Mg
mandur bhasma66 Mg
kakamachi64 Mg
arjuna64 Mg
kasamarda32 Mg
biranjasipha32 Mg
jhavuka32 Mg
Himalaya Liv 52 – Ingredients

Benefits of Liv 52

  • Makes the life of the liver healthy and protection against liver damage – people who consumes a lot of alcohol leads to liver damage. As a result the liver cannot perform it’s own duties. But liv 52 takes care of it. Also liv 52 fight against people having unhealthy lifestyle or people who consumes a lot of medications. 
  • Improves appetite– Largely recommended for people who has less appetite for hunger. Liv 52 increases the urge for hunger and ultimately helps in growth. It also plays an important role in underweight people’s life since it increases the hunger.
  • Cure of fatty liver, hepatitis, cirrhosis– Liv 52 is an all rounder medicine for liver. The fat that accumulates in the liver is easily taken care of by this medicine. Liv 52 also takes care of the swelling of the liver thus playing a vital role in hepatitis. In cirrhosis of liver the liver tissues get damaged but himalaya liv 52 also takes care of this. But always consult your doctor before taking the tablets for this problems.
  • Good for digestive system– The entire digestion system is hampered due to unhealthy lifestyle. Liv 52 plays an important role in regulating the digestive and keeping it healthy.
  • Constipation, bowl movement – People having constipation issues or irregular bowl movement needs to have liv 52 which prevent such issues. 
  • Eliminates unwanted toxins – Liv 52 removes and eliminates the unwanted toxins from human body.
  • Cleans your blood and creates new blood cells – Liv 52 helps in the cleaning of blood and helps in the creation of new blood.

How to take Liv 52 – Doses

Children can take 1-2 tablets three times a day. Adults can take 2-3 tablets per day. Sometimes doctors prescribe various dosages depending on the various problems faced by the patient.

Who should take liv 52?

For people having issues with liver such as digestion problem, no hunger, constipation or fatty acid problems can take liv 52 tablets. But people with healthy liver should not opt for liv 52 or any other medications. And before taking tablets you should always consult your doctor. 

Side effects of Liv 52

There are no major side effects of Himalaya liv 52 since it is a herbal medication. But if you are a diabetes patient then you should consult your doctor before taking the medicines. Also never take overdose of liv 52. Overdose of any medication is harmful. 

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