Glucon-D Regular vs Glucon-D Orange vs Glucon-D Lemon – Which is better?

Glucon-D Regular vs Glucon-D Orange vs Glucon-D Lemon

Glucon-D is believed to be the best glucose drink that provides instant energy to our bodies. As we have already mentioned in our previous post whether Glucon-D can be concluded as the best choice for instant energy, we are not going to mention that topic in this article. Instead, today we will be discussing the various flavors of Glucon-D available in the market and will be determining the best one among all. 

In this article, we will be comparing Glucon-D Regular, Glucon-D Orange, and Glucon-D Lemon and will be determining which one may be the best one among all. So, let’s begin.

Glucon-D Regular vs Glucon-D Orange vs Glucon-D Lemon – The comparison

1. Ingredients

Glucon-D Regular mentions the presence of 3 ingredients, Glucon-D Lemon mentions the presence of 6 ingredients and Glucon-D Orange mentions the presence of 7 ingredients. 

We can never judge the exact quality of a product by the number of ingredients present in it. So, we are going to take a deep dive into this topic. 

The main ingredient that is present in Glucon-D is glucose. But the amount of glucose present in the 3 variations is different. 

Glucon-D Regular contains 99.4% glucose, Glucon-D Lemon contains 52% glucose and Glucon-D Orange contains 40% glucose. The quality of a glucose drink is measured by the amount of glucose present in it. As we can see, Glucon-D Regular clearly wins the race here.

2. Amount of sugar present

This is true. Certain flavors of Glucon-D contain sugar. Glucon-D Regular has no added sugar whereas 45% sugar content is found in Glucon-D Lemon and 55% sugar content in Glucon-D Orange. This makes Glucon-D Regular the best choice if compared to Glucon-D Orange and Glucon-D Lemon.

3. Preservatives present

Glucon-D Regular has no preservatives added to it.

But both the other flavors of Glucon-D have acidity regulators present in them, which are responsible for maintaining the PH of the product.

The acid regulator used in flavored Glucon-D is Acidity Regulator-330, which is not harmful to your health. But still, I would choose Glucon-D Regular as the best one because of its no added preservatives. 

4. Minerals present

The 3 types of Glucon-D have the presence of calcium phosphate. But the amount is different. Glucon-D Regular has 170mg calcium and 100mg Phosphorus in 100g, whereas the other flavored Glucon-D powders have 114 mg calcium and 57mg Phosphorous which are very little compared to Glucon-D regular. 

5. Presence of salt

Glucon-D Regular has no added salt in it. But Glucon-D Orange and Glucon-D Lemon, both have salt content in them. So, even in this case, Glucon-D Regular is the clear winner. 

6. Which can be taken during fasting?

You can take Regular Glucon-D during fasting, as it has no added ingredients other than glucose and glucose does not break your fast. On the other hand, the flavored Glucon-D’s contain salt and cannot be consumed during fasting. 

7. Presence of Vitamin D

Glucon-D Regular has Vitamin D present in it, whereas both, Glucon-D Orange and Glucon-D Lemon do not mention the presence of Vitamin D. Vitamin D is highly necessary for our body, and especially Vitamin D is rarely found in Indian meals. We, only have sunlight as the main source of Vitamin D in our daily lives. Glucon-D Regular fulfills the 25% Vitamin-D requirement by the body. 

8. Presence of Vitamin C

Vitamin C is not found in Glucon-D Regular, whereas both Glucon-D Orange and Glucon-D Lemon are Vitamin C fortified. So, in this case, we can consider Glucon-D Orange and Glucon-D Lemon better than Glucon-D regular. 

9. Added colors

Glucon-D Regular and Glucon-D Lemon do not have any added colors in them. Glucon-D Orange has added color in it so that this product can have the orange color in it. It has added Food Color-110 which has side effects. So it is better to avoid Glucon-D orange, instead, go for Glucon-D Regular or Glucon-D Lemon.

10. Serving size

The serving size of Glucon-D Regular is 35g (4 tablespoons) of the powder mixed in 200 ml of water consumed twice a day. Though being a pharmacist I never recommend consuming Glucon-D on a regular basis. Only consume Glucon-D Regular when it is necessary.  

The serving size of Glucon-D Lemon is 30g ( 3 tablespoons ) of the powder mixed in 200 ml water consumed twice a day. If you are consuming Glucon-D Lemon twice a day (60g), you are also consuming 27g of sugar. The daily requirement of sugar is 20-30 grams per day. If you are consuming this product twice a day you are already exceeding the amount of sugar required by your body and this may lead to serious problems like hypertension and overweight problems.

The serving size of Glucon-D Orange is 35g ( 4 tablespoons ) mixed in 200 ml water consumed twice a day. If you are consuming this powder twice a day (70g) you are also intaking 40g of sugar on a regular basis, which is considered way too much. 

Glucon-D regular is the winner here as it is free from sugar. Just remember to consume Glucon-D when it is necessary and always follow your doctor’s advice. 

11. Pricing

200g of both Glucon-D Orange and Glucon-D Lemon costs you around Rs 70. But 200g of Glucon-D Regular costs you around Rs 57. So, Glucon-D Regular is the cheaper one in aspects of the price here. 


We can clearly see from the above comparison that Glucon-D Regular is the best one if compared to Glucon-D Lemon and Glucon-D Orange. But if you take glucose daily it can be unhealthy for you. So controlled intake of anything is the key here. Glucon-D is considered a great product for providing instant energy but only consume it when you actually need it (in cases of vomiting, weakness, diarrhea)  or when your doctor tells you to take it. 


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