Figolax drops – Composition, uses, side effects, dosage, safety

Figolax drops is manufactured by Seagull company which is mainly prescribed to infants. It is an ayurvedic drop that helps to prevent constipation in infants. It is mainly made up of Ficus carica, Rheum emodi, and Purified Honey. The combination of the three makes figolax drops one of the best medicine for the treatment of constipation for infants.

Today we are going to talk about the composition, benefits, side effects, and dosage of figolax drops.

Composition of figolax drops

There are basically four key ingredients found in figolax drops.

Uses of figolax drops

1. Constipation

Figolax drop is considered the best medicine for the treatment of constipation for infants (0-1years). The great combination of Anjeer, Revand chini, honey, and saunf helps in the treatment of constipation in infants by preventing hard stools, maintaining the easy flow of motion, and easy excretion.

2. Hard stool

Figolax drop is also great for infants who are facing hard stool problems. The presence of anjeer or fig plant helps in loosening up the hard stool resulting in easy flow of motion.

3. Tight motion

It is also effective in cases of tight motion as it allows easy stool passing of your infant. Revand chini also known as Rheum emodi and extracts of general fig helps in a smooth motion.

4. Digestive system

Figolax is great for your kid’s digestive system. The presence of various vitamins and minerals treats the digestive system and provides the essential nutrients required by your child.

5. Immunity

Figolax also enhances the immunity system of your infants. The presence of honey helps in providing immunity. Honey is famous for its antibacterial and disinfectant properties. Honey also adds enzymes if there are any missing enzymes in your infant’s body. These enzymes add immunity to your child.

Side effects

Figolax being an Ayurvedic medicine, does not have any side effects. But at the same time overdosing on Figolax drops may lead to certain side effects which include

  • Stomach cramps in infants
  • Indigestion problems

If your infant is witnessing any of the above side effects after consuming Figolax drops immediately consult your nearest pediatrician.


The dosage is divided into two types according to the age of your infant.

  1. If your infant is under 6 months old – 0.5ml of Figolax drops (half dropper) – once a day.
  2. If your infant is 6-12 months old1ml to 1.5ml of Figolax drops – once a day until constipation stops.

NoteAlways consult your pediatrician for the right dosage of Figolax drops. 

NoteMake your infant drink plenty of water during the phase of this course.


  • Store it away from sunlight
  • Always consult your doctor before use
  • It should be only used under parenteral guidance or medical supervision.


Figolax drops are widely available in all pharmacy stores and generally come in a 15ml packaging with a dropper which is necessary to feed the medicine to your infants.

15 ml of figolax drops cost you around Rs 63, which may change with time due to the high demand for the medicine.


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