Dark Psychology – The dark side of human mind

Dark Psychology

Dark psychology is a term related to psychology. Here today In this topic we are going to know what is dark psychology, what psychological factors are included in it, what are the uses of dark psychology and what are the good books for dark psychology.

Meaning of dark psychology

The term dark psychology seems very interesting. In dark psychology the psychological principles are used in a way to influence the target so that the target gets harmed in a way that it’s life gets affected. 

The use of psychological principles of persuasion, frame control, and emotional control in ways that harms other is called dark psychology.

By usage of psychological tactics the target is manipulated to do things that are benefit to you but harmful for him. Overall we can say that to play mind games with other’s feeling, thoughts and emotions for the achievement of our own goals.

Dark Psychology and psychology of persuasion – What is the difference?

Dark psychology and psychology of persuasion are totally different. In persuasion by using of psychological tricks we influence the other person but do not manipulate them. Persuasion does not harm people whereas dark psychology is a powerful tool in manipulation where the target is harmed in most cases.

It is not that dark psychology is only used by psychopaths, tricksters, criminals or dark psychologists. It is used by normal people everyday in life be it in an knowingly situation or unknowingly one. The only difference is that some people use it less and some on a regular basis. Some people use it for revenge, personal defense and some use it for manipulative purposes to get his work done. But people whose moral ethics are very strong uses it less or does not use it at all. 

Uses of dark psychology

The main use of dark psychology was to use it towards criminals or psychopaths to know their secrets and use them to do what we want them to do. But nowadays it is used everywhere. 

  • Most leaders and politicians uses dark psychology
  • Public speakers makes use of dark psychology 
  • Dark psychology is the most powerful weapon for selfish people.
  • Normal people uses dark psychology for social manipulation, dating, to control their partner in a relationship and seduction.
  • In present times dark psychology is used in network marketing.

Myths About Dark psychology

  • Dark psychology is not hypnosis – There is a huge difference between hypnosis and dark psychology. Dark psychology is not a hypnosis in which you can manipulate anyone to do anything.
  • Cult sect follower– While using dark psychology you can never make someone a follower of you or your culture. This is a big myth. Manipulation’s greatest truth is that manipulator’s biggest skill is always picking the targets who are easiest to manipulate.
  • Dark psychology is not brainwash– Another great myth. It’s not like someone would come to u and rotates the pendulum here and there and you would start following him. Brainwash is completely a different thing.
  • It is not a psychopathy – Use of dark psychology is abnormal but it is not a mental disorder. 

Flooding psychology is not Dark psychology

Another behavioral technique that involves exposing a person to the feared stimulus is flooding. Flooding is based on the response prevention principle. Psychological Flooding involves prolonged exposure to the feared stimulus, which in turn provides maximum opportunity for the fear to be extinguished. Now, unlike systematic desensitization, which slowly exposes a person to a stimulus, flooding does it all at once. Now at times, psychological flooding can make a phobia worse and it has to be used carefully. For example , people with medical conditions.

Reverse psychology is not dark psychology

Reverse psychology is a technique involving the assertion of a belief or behavior that’s opposite to the one desired. this can be finished expectation that this approach can encourage the topic of the interest to try to to what truly is desired. for instance you and your colleagues at work have a project that’s obtaining near to the point however no one looks to be specializing in it. during this case you’ve got 2 choices. One is to do to encourage folks to figure thereon. And an alternative choice is to use reverse psychology. Within the case of reverse psychology you’ll say one thing like this ” we’ve this project that we have a tendency to began to work on a minute  and that i do not assume we will end it on time.” At this point folks starts questioning themselves regarding their failure and also the reasons behind not finishing it. somebody within the cluster can challenge the statement and can state that it’ll be done. This is reverse psychology. however it’s not an area of dark psychology.

Books on dark psychology

You can read various books on dark psychology. Reading these books will give you more information regarding dark psychology and other certain human psychological factors and stories. Healthandhealthier highly recommends this books.

Dark psychology 101 by Michael Pace

Dark psychology secrets by john clark

The dark side of the mind by karry daynes

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