Can we eat banana during fever?

Can we eat banana during fever?

This blog is related to the topic of whether we should consume banana during fever or not? I was going through various articles recently but did not find an article which answers this question regarding if we can consume banana during fever.

This is a very important question for the people living in villages because parents prohibit their children from having banana during fever. But banana has its own medicinal benefits. 

Banana maintains the calcium, phosphorous and nitrogen content of the body which in turn produces strong tissues. Banana consists of inward sugar which is great for digestion. This a great feature of banana.

Now when we are suffering from fever a huge amount of nutrition goes down in our body, a huge loss of immunity is also found. To overcome these and to be healthy again, fruit is a necessary requirement. Gradually the body aches and muscle pains start going away if we are having fruit constantly.

This is the time when the banana comes into action. Banana has various medicinal health benefits which play a vital role during fever and cold and cough.

Nutrition in Banana

nutrition in banana
Nutrition in Banana

As we can see banana is a fruit which is highly rich in vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates. We will use this nutritional facts to find out the usefulness of bananas during fever.

Banana is rich in carbohydrates

As we all know carbohydrates provides strength to the body. During fever, consumption of bananas provides carbohydrates which in turn provides strength and spark to the body. This helps in the quick recovery from the body aches faced during fever.

Rich in potassium and other minerals

During fever, a lot of potassium is lost due to vomiting and high sweating. Intake of banana adds the potassium content that is lost during sweating. Bananas contains a large amount of potassium and maintains the nutrition lost during fever.

Rich in Vitamin C and antioxidants

Banana is also rich is Vitamin C and antioxidants, that gradually participates in your body’s healing process from fever.

Keeps body cool

It is advised to take one banana per day in fever as it keeps the body cool and helps in bringing down the temperature of your body.

Rich in vitamin B

Vitamin B found in bananas helps to calm down your nervous system and maintains the blood pressure of your body.

Bananas prevent cold and cough

Daily consumption of bananas can help you prevent cold and cough. Bananas increase the white blood cells in your body, thus improving the immunity system of your body and helping in resistance to bacterial diseases.


There are several myths that bananas are not good during fever. Some say that being cold potent fruit, bananas increases the risk of increasing fever, others say that bananas are hard to digest during fever because of their mucus forming properties. But this is a pure myth. Bio-Science has approved banana as a true fruit that has no harmful effects as such. Your doctor would also not state the fact that bananas are bad for your health if you are having a fever.


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