9 best hair wax for men in India – Chemical free and affordable (2021 edition)

best hair wax for men in India

Today’s topic is the most awaited one in the lifestyle category. Yes, you guessed it right. Today we will be giving out the 9 best hair wax for men in India and will be answering all your questions regarding hair waxes and which ones are the best according to the Indian climate, the choice of your styling, and also not harmful for your hair. 

The list has been made keeping all the factors in mind and all of them are budget-friendly. But before giving out the list let’s clear out all the confusions related to hair waxes.

Everyone loves to set their hair,  be it a college function, a date, or regular styling. But in India people uses hair wax without much knowledge ultimately affecting their hair. The hair waxes that I mention in this article will be chemical-free so that it does not affect your hair and leads to great hairstyling without worrying.

What are the types of hair waxes?

Keeping hair sprays, hair gels, hair mousse, hair powders away we will be concentrating on hair wax and its siblings. Hair wax gives you a natural hold, increases volume, and sometimes provides a matte look. 

  • Hair pomade – great for slick back look.
  • Hair clays – for a casual style, used for volumizing hair and providing textures.
  • Hair creams – for a messy look.
  • Hair gels – for a shiny wet look.

How to select the right wax for your hair?

Selecting the right wax for your hair depends on certain factors.

1. Purpose

The selected wax should serve your purpose. Whether you want a messy look or a tight hold look or a wet look the wax should serve your purpose.

2. The wax should be water-soluble

The hair wax should be water-soluble so that it does not leave any residue after washing your hair. Oil-based waxes are never recommended because it is very difficult to remove the residual wax even after using shampoo.

3. Extra hard is never good

You should choose a wax that does not make your hair extremely hard. It damages your hair and removes the essential oils from your scalp.

4. Budget-friendly

The hair wax should not be way too much expensive. Well, we have a belief that expensive things are always of good quality. But it’s always never true. Sometimes not-so-expensive things are of better quality compared to those expensive ones. The same is the case with hair waxes.

5. Chemical-free

This is a very important factor and is mostly ignored while choosing a hair wax. The presence of chemicals in wax leads to hair fall and hair damage. Hair wax should be from chemicals like phthalates.

I will be mentioning all the harmful ingredients that should not be present in hair wax in the latter part of this article. These chemicals are the main reason why you go bald shortly.

What are the harmful ingredients that shouldn’t be present in a hair wax?

Well, you are buying a hair wax for styling but you should be careful of the bad ingredients present in that hair wax which leads to hair fall. Choose the hair wax in aspects of the ingredients present in the hair wax and not because it looks good or smells good. The harmful ingredients that should not be present in a hair wax are as follows.

1. SLS ( Sodium Lauryl Sulfate)

SLS is responsible for taking out the essential oils away from your hair. SLS is the main ingredient that leads to baldness.

2. Phthalates

Phthalates provides the hair waxes flexibility. It gives your hair a smooth texture but side by side increases irritation and dandruff in your scalp. 

3. Artificial colors and fragrances

There should be no usage of artificial colors or fragrances in the wax. Check the ingredients before buying. A natural herbal smell is always better than artificial fragnances.

4. Less or no alcohol

There should be less alcohol content in the hair wax. No alcohol content in the wax is the best choice.

Other than this four main ingredients there are other ingredients which you should ignore 

  1. Triclosan
  2. Formaldehyde
  3. Petrochemical
  4. Silicon
  5. Paraben

How many times should you use hair wax in a day?

This is the most requested question in aspect of hair wax. You should never use hair wax on a regular basis, even if you are using an organic hair wax to style your hair. While styling your hair you need to use hair dryer and using heat on your hair regularly leads to damaged hair.

I would recommend you to use hair wax to a maximum of 3-4 times maximum in a week, and make sure to separately keep a day in the week for intense washing and shampooing your hair.

A simple tip that is recommended is to apply coconut oil or olive oil in your hair and massage for 15 minutes. Then wash your hair with shampoo. This completely removes the hair wax residues and also the dead cells. 

9 best hair wax for men in India

This hair waxes has been selected by several researches and is highly focused on the non presence of chemicals, budget friendly and also helps you give the hair style you wish for. 

1. DAPR Advanced Hair Pomade

DAPR Advanced Hair Pomade


  • Gives you a shiny finish with volume
  • For dry matte finish hairstyles


  • It is 100% water based
  • It consists of aloe-vera and avocado properties
  • No presence of chemicals


100 gram DAPR Advanced Hair Pomade costs you around Rs 600.

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2. The man company machismo wax

the man company machismo wax


  • Gives you long hold for medium and long hairstyles
  • Gives you strong hold for a longer time
  • Gives you matte look


  • Highly enriched with Vitamin E, almond oil and olive oil
  • No presence of chemicals
  • Made up of natural beeswax


100 gram The man company machismo wax cost you around Rs 250.


3. Man Arden fiber hair wax 

Man Arden fiber hair wax


  • Medium hold styling wax best for medium length hair
  • Lightweight hair wax
  • Great for providing volume and thickness to your hair


  • No chemicals such as mineral oils or SLS
  • Rich in aloe vera properties
  • Great results has been seen on thick hair
  • No artificial colors or fragnance


50 gram Man Arden fiber hair wax costs you around Rs 350.


4. Hawkins and Brimble wax

hawkins and brimble wax


  • Best for short and medium hair
  • Medium hold
  • Natural volumizing wax


  • No chemicals are found
  • Presence of jojoba and almond oil
  • You can also apply this wax on your beard


100 grams Hawkins and Brimble wax cost you around Rs 500.

5. Organo gold clay hair wax

organo gold clay hair wax


  • Famous for it’s strong hold and adding textures to your hair
  • Great for short and medium hair
  • Best for messy looks


  • No chemicals are found
  • Very budget friendly
  • Easily washable
  • Presence of Vitamin E


100 grams Organo gold clay hair wax costs you around Rs 300


6. Ustra strong wax wet look

ustra strong wax wet look


  • Best for short and medium length hair
  • Best for creating the formal wet look 
  • Great brand power and trusted


  • 100% chemical free
  • Easily soluble in water hence can be removed with ease
  • Not at all greasy


100 gram Ustra strong wax cost you around Rs 300.


7. UrbanGabru clay hair wax

UrbanGabru clay hair wax


  • A Great volumizer
  • Strong and long lasting hold
  • Best for short and medium hairstyles


  • Easily can be removed from scalp
  • Rich in Vitamin E and almond oil
  • Provides you with a matte finish


100 grams Ustra strong wax wet look costs you around Rs 300.


8. Bblunt 3d texturizing wax

bblunt 3d texturizing wax


  • Made especially for Indian hair types
  • Provides you with long lasting hold and texture
  • Best for medium and short hairstyles


  • The base is made up of natural beeswax
  • No presence of chemicals
  • Budget friendly


50 gram bblunt 3d texturizing wax cost you around Rs 270.


9. Helium zero g hair wax

helium zero g hair wax


  • For people with a little extra budget but worth it
  • Best for medium and short hair styles
  • Specialized in providing extreme hold


  • Fantastic fragrance with no artificial fragrance
  • Alcohol free
  • No presence of chemicals
  • Contains essential oils


30 gram helium zero-g hair wax cost you around Rs 300.



This article has been thoroughly researched and written in accordance to Indian hairstyles. These hair waxes are not in ranking orders but all 9 of the hair waxes are the best chosen by the experts at HealthandHealthier. Don’t forget to comment down if you have used any of the hair waxes mentioned above.


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