5 Benefits of applying ghee on belly button

Benefits of applying ghee on belly button

Applying ghee on the belly button has been in the trend for ages and is considered beneficial for our health. Ghee is famous as it increases the taste of food and is also highly nutritive. In Ayurveda ghee is utilized in the preparation of various types of medicines. Ghee’s health benefits are known to all but little do we know about how beneficial ghee is for our health when massaged on our naval. 

In this article we will be discussing the benefits ghee has to offer us when applied to our belly button on a regular basis. So, let’s begin. 

Why applying ghee on the belly button helps?

To understand why ghee applied on the belly button helps we need to understand why this actually works. Let’s take a common example. When a baby is in her/his mother’s womb he/she get all their nutrition via the placenta. Whatever a mother eats the nourishment passes through the blood and reaches the baby through this placenta. This placenta is connected to the naval of the baby. This is how the navel or the belly button plays a very important part in keeping one healthy. 

A human being’s navel is made up of 72000 “nadis”. This can be explained in a simple way. Whenever a machine works you may have seen that some points of a machine are lubricated with oil so that the machine performs better. Similarly, the ghee when applied to your belly lubricates the belly and keeps it healthy, which in turn maintains your entire health. 

Benefits of applying ghee on belly button

Applying ghee and massaging your belly button every night on a regular basis has several health benefits. 

1. Great for your skin

Massaging your belly button with ghee rejuvenates and maintains your skin. Everyone wants glowing and bright skin. Massaging ghee on your belly button regularly at night before sleeping helps you to achieve this. Along with this ghee also has other benefits for your skin.

  1. This habit helps your skin to stay moisturized
  2. Acne and pimples start diminishing
  3. Removes blemishes from the skin
  4. Provides even skin tone
  5. Improves skin texture

This in fact works better than most of the organic expensive creams available in the market.

 2. Improves hair quality

Massaging your belly button with ghee cures dry hair problems. People with hair fall and weak hair problems should definitely adopt this habit. Applying ghee to your naval also helps in improving the quality and provides shine to your hair. 

3. Relief from joint pain

Most of the Ayurvedic medicines available for the treatment of joint pains in the market are generally made from either oil or ghee. Instead of buying those medicines applying ghee to your belly button will definitely help you to recover from joint pain. 

4. Cures constipation and stomach ache

People with a tendency of developing frequent constipation problems should definitely adapt to this habit of applying ghee to their belly on a regular basis. The ghee provides relief constipation and you will be able to see results with a week. This also helps in curing prolonged stomach aches. 

5. Relief from menstrual cramps

Menstrual cramps during their periods are quite common among females. The pain is intolerable and there is no proven way to stop this pain. Massaging your belly button with ghee on a regular basis will provide relief from this pain. 

How to apply ghee on belly button?

The process of applying ghee to your belly button is very simple. At night before going to sleep, one should apply a little amount of ghee on your belly button and massage gently. It is recommended to do this at night as the ghee gets absorbed easily and gets distributed throughout the body throughout the night. The exact process follows.

  • Take 1 tablespoon of ghee and heat it so that it melts down.
  • Cow ghee is the best ghee for this procedure.
  • Wait for the ghee to cool down and then put 2-3 drops of the ghee on your belly button.
  • Then massage it gently.
  • Keep it throughout the night to get its best benefits. 


As you can see there are so many benefits of applying ghee to your belly button on a regular basis, you should definitely try this. Most importantly this is an Ayurvedic practice and has no side effects. Use this regularly to get all the health benefits that I mentioned above. 


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