Bael Fruit During Pregnancy – 2021

bael fruit during pregnancy

Today we will be discussing the controversy related to Bael fruit during pregnancy that whether the fruit is good for you during pregnancy or is it harmful to your child during pregnancy. But before getting straight to the topic we will be looking for the nutritional information, health benefits and harmful effects of Bael during pregnancy.

Bael Fruit – Nutritional Information

100 grams of bael fruit contain the following nutrients. A table is provided for your easy understanding.

Nutrition in bael fruit

As you can see bael fruit is very high in nutrients. Let’s also look at the health and medicinal benefits of bael fruit

Health Benefits of bael fruit

  • Bael fruit is an energy pack that is it is full of energy.
  • Bael fruit maintains the fluid content of your body.
  • Consists of a large amount of potassium which reduces the blood pressure level of your body.
  • Maintains proper digestion in the body and prevents constipation.
  • Helps in preventing diarrhea.
  • Provides strength to your bones as it is highly rich in calcium.

Is bael fruit safe during pregnancy?

As we can see bael juice has several health and medicinal benefits, but the question here is “Is bael good during pregnancy”. Before answering this question one should know this fact that during pregnancy you should never consume anything that harms you or your baby. Only consult your Gynecologists for the proper guidance of what foods to take and what not to during pregnancy.

Let’s get back to the topic, “Is bael fruit safe during pregnancy”?

The answer is “No”, Bael fruit is not safe during pregnancy, because bael fruit not only affects your health during pregnancy but also affects your child’s health. 

Why bael fruit is not good for you and your baby during pregnancy?

Bael fruit leads to various complications during pregnancy. It is better not to have bael fruit or bael juice during pregnancy.

  • May lead to miscarriage.
  • Bael causes harmful effect on your child’s mental and physical health, which leads to low weight baby and Autism.
  • At the time of the birth of your child, your child may experience pneumonia since bael is a fruit that is used as a refreshment in the summer season. It is also known as the cold fruit in India.
  • Bael juice is thick in nature, as a result, pregnant women face various digestive problems which may lead to even digestive problems in your child after birth.
  • May lead to gestational diabetes in pregnant women, due to an increase in blood sugar level in the body, this is not only harmful to you but also your child, since your child may also face the same issue after birth.
  • For pregnant women who had their first baby by the C-Section process, and is expecting a baby for the second time can face serious problems during delivery, if consuming bael on a regular basis.


So you can see how bael is harmful during pregnancy. It is better to ignore bael fruit during pregnancy. Don’t ever take any risks on your fooding habits if you are pregnant and do not forget to consult your Gynecologist during pregnancy and talk about what foods to have and what not to have during pregnancy.


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