Immediately Stop if you are drinking water in these 5 ways

2/3rd of our body is made up of water and for the proper functioning of our body, we need to drink plenty of water every day. But, however, this water if consumed in the wrong way leads to several health problems like migraine, joint pain, indigestion, allergies, hair fall, and even kidney problems.

Yes, we think we drink water in the right way but unfortunately it is wrong. Facts have proven that almost 95% of the population is drinking water in the wrong way which may be the reason for developing future health problems.

Drinking water in the wrong way will not have any health benefits, rather it will lead to major health problems be it immediate or in the long run. Drinking plenty of water is absolutely correct and you should at least have 8 glasses of water per day but you should know when and how to drink water so that it does not work against you but provides you with the real benefits of drinking water. 

In this article, we will be knowing the bad ways of drinking water which will lead to health problems and also will be providing the right ways to correct these habits. So, let’s begin. 

1. Drinking water immediately after meals

1. Drinking water immediately after meals

It might feel satisfying for you to gulp water immediately after a meal but this is entirely a bad habit. As soon as we finish a meal our body temperature rises up.

Drinking water immediately after meals dilute the gastric juices and do not allow proper digestion. The food does not get digested properly and rots. As this food rots, the nutrients from the food are not absorbed properly by the body. In turn, this leads to gas, bloating and acidity problems.

According to Ayurveda drinking water immediately after a meal acts like a slow poison that may devastate your health. 

Instead of drinking water immediately after a meal, it is better if you could rinse your mouth with water.

2. Sipping water vs Gulping water

Sipping water vs Gulping water

In this fast-paced lifestyle we tend to do everything at a quick pace, so in the case with drinking water. We tend to gulp a lot of water at a time instead of drinking it sip by sip at a slow pace. This is the main difference between sipping and gulping water. Sipping water means enjoying the water and drinking it slowly sip by sip whereas gulping of water means intaking a lot of water at one gulp. 

Gulping of water is very dangerous compared to sipping of water. The way water enters the body actually makes a huge difference. If you are gulping water too fast body do not accept the water and flush it out. This might lead to dehydration as the water is not utilized by the body. 

The stomach is acidic in nature and the saliva in our mouth is alkaline in nature. The saliva helps in stabilizing the acid in the stomach. If you are gulping water at a very fast rate the saliva does not get mixed with the water and the minimum amount of saliva might reach your stomach. This condition leads to the disturbance of the atmosphere in the stomach. This again leads to acidity, indigestion, bloating, and gas. 

The gulping of water may also lead to weight gain as the stomach fails to absorb the nutrients from the food and remove the unwanted material from the body.

One should actually sip water slowly. Sippers are the best choice for bottles along with glasses. 

3. Chilled water may not be good always

3. Chilled water may not be good always

It is quite common for people to come back home after work and drink chilled water directly taking out from the refrigerator. You should stop doing this right now! Drinking chilled water causes several health problems. The health problems include

  1. Sore throat
  2. Chilled water is directly related to the shrinking of blood vessels
  3. Solidifies fat from food
  4. Cause of joint pain
  5. Decreases heart rate

It is recommended to drink water at room temperature. If you still need to drink cold water start developing the habit of drinking cool water from earthen pots. Earthern pots balance the PH level of water and are considered natural water coolers. 

4. Too much water is bad

Too much water is bad

Yes, too much of anything is bad for your health. Likewise, drinking water too much may harm your health. There are people who forcefully drink water even though they are not thirsty. They generally tend to do this because of the myth “too much water provides you with too many benefits”. This is a complete myth. Let’s see why.

  1. Sodium is responsible for balancing the fluid in and around your cells. Drinking too much water dilutes these sodium levels and hampers proper functioning. 
  2. Imbalance is caused due to the drinking of too much water. The liquid moves from blood to the inside of your cells making them swell.

5. You should never drink water while standing 

You should never drink water while standing 

There is always a controversy related to whether you should drink water while standing or sitting. Especially in this fast-paced lifestyle, it is not always possible to sit down and drink water. People get accustomed to this habit so much that they start drinking water while walking or even running.

This is not recommended as drinking water while standing or walking does not allow your kidneys to perform their function of filtration properly. In the standing position, your muscles and nervous system are in a state of activeness and this becomes difficult for your nerves to quickly digest the water.

This disrupts the balance of fluid in your body and could lead to joint pains and arthritis. So, it is best to drink water while sitting, be it post-workout or while you are simply thirsty. 


So, now you know the bad ways of drinking water and how you should avoid them. You will definitely find at least one point if not all which you are doing wrong on a regular basis. At HealthAndHealthier we always provide information after several types of research so that we can provide you with the best option that is good for your health. 


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