Apple Cider Vinegar for Acid Reflux

Apple Cider Vinegar For Acid Reflux

Not heard it before this? Well, not to worry. Let’s make it easier for you. Do you suffer from chest burning, including heart burn or lower chest burn? If yes, then there is a remedy for you to get rid of this unwanted burning all time.

You don’t need to quit your favorite meals. You don’t need to take medications because the treatment of acid reflux is present in apple cider vinegar.The burning sensation in the heart, below it or in the lower chest refers as acid reflux. This sensation can give you all time trouble, but don’t worry because we have a solution to acid reflux.

The best solution to treat acid reflux is “Apple cider vinegar.” Yes, you heard it right!

Apple cider vinegar provides the advantages that may greatly help you in reducing or prevent acid reflux-the burning sensation. Apple cider vinegar contains acid (acetic acid) that may directly trigger reflux for some individuals, but this is a great or effective remedy for heartburn.

The overall treatment greatly depends upon the causes of the heartburn or chest burn.So it is necessary to find out the causes of acid reflux so that it can treat accordingly.

Causes of reflux

Do you like junk food? Well, I like too, but do you suffer from acid reflux? No doubt that different kind of foods and beverages contain those substances that can cause acid reflux.

All the problem causes due to poor contraction of food, a weak esophageal muscle in the body allows the stomach acid break up. The esophageal muscle is a ring like a stomach muscle that opens and closes after when food and drinks enter in the stomach.

The foods that trigger the acid reflux may include high-fat foods, tomato-based products, and the fried foods. Some others like onion, caffeine, garlic and carbonated beverages. There may be some others that are specific to you, or you know them.

Let me add some more information, the delaying digestion and large meal intakes also cause the stomach to secrete more and more acid.

Might be your stomach may not have enough acid. May be the foods that you eat are low in acid, which causes the acid reflux. However, the acid reflux lowers the level of acid in the stomach and similarly helps you to digest the foods more efficiently and adequately.

Tip: Take 1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar just before every meal. It helps you in reducing the acid level and also reduce the acid reflux symptoms. The continuous practice for 3-9 months may easily eliminate acid reflux problems.


  • Add 1-2 teaspoon apple cider vinegar in the water glass before drinking.
  • Just swallow 1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar, it will help you in the fight against heartburn sensation.
  • It is recommended to take precautions or consult with the best clinic before utilizing any remedy for acid reflux.

Risks and warnings:

There are some side effects of this apple cider vinegar for acid reflux also. Some of them are as follows:

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