Acupressure points for Beautiful Face – Natural Beauty with Simple Techniques

facial acupressure points

Everyone would like to look beautiful. Be it a girl or a man, they certainly want to make themselves look handsome and beautiful, which in fact increases their self confidence and personality. Although there are many beauty products and home remedies available to make your skin glow and become bright, just think about simple techniques, which can bring you a real benefit visibly in just a few days without using any facial products?

This is absolutely amazing!

No matter you have dry skin, sensitive skin, wrinkles or acne, the acupressure remedy for beautiful face can work effectively. It is not only for the beautiful skin, but acupressure can also help to get relief from chronic conditions like headache, pain and other health issues. Following acupressure practice regularly can alleviate many health problems, while helping you get a beautiful and glowing skin.

How Acupressure work for Facial Beauty?

This may be something new to hear, but it is the fact!

Acupressure can prove to be effective to improve your skin tone. It can firm up your facial muscles and give glowing complexion. Spending just a few minutes daily can bring you amazing results. You need to search for ingredients and spend special time for acupressure facial beauty. Simply use your finger tips at your leisure time, before going to bed or when you are relaxing watching TV.

Knowing about Acupressure:

Acupressure is an ancient technique in practice for over 5000 years. This method helps promote wellness, while relaxing your mind and body. There are specific pressure points in human body, which, when dealt with acupressure boosts to function well, while curing your health ailments.

Can Acupressure benefit Your Skin?

Certainly Yes!

There are some basic points in your body and face, which can rejuvenate the entire body, while helping you get beautiful skin. However, you need to recognize these points appropriately, in order to increase the metabolism and blood circulation. This acupressure practice can also help to reduce wrinkles, while treating acne.

Can Acupressure Treat Age Spots?

Age spots are the non-carcinogenic brown or reddish brown marks, which develop on face, hands, legs and feet. These marks become very prominent as you grow old. The age spots on your face are the result of excessive production of melanin and when it is not properly absorbed by the skin.

Melanin is the skin pigment, which provides color to skin, hair and iris. Melanin is produced by Melanocytes cells. People with dark skin have a larger amount of melanin, compared to lighter skin people. However, by using the acupressure therapy, you can effectively reduce the age spots and balance the production of melanin in your skin.

Benefits of Acupressure for Facial Beauty

Besides knowing the benefits of acupressure to achieve young glowing skin, which can reduce age spots on face, neck, chest and arms, there are also many other benefits that this therapy can give you.

The facial acupressure is very popular and used in spas and beauty centers. The deep, soothing massage can energize your facial skin. There are no needles used in acupressure like in acupuncture. Some of the key benefits of acupressure for facial beauty are:

  • Reduce age spots
  • Reduce pigmentation scars, freckles and aging marks
  • Regenerate skin
  • Promote radiant and beautiful skin
  • Increase skin elasticity
  • Increase skin plumpness
  • Increase skin tone, while making you look youthful

How does Facial Acupressure Works?

  • By using acupressure, important nerves and muscle fibers on the face are triggered
  • This stimulation will help to promote secretion of collagen and it can improve the overall appearance of the skin by releasing energy and trapped toxins
  • Increases blood circulation, which in turn will eradicate toxins deposited in facial muscles and tissues
  • It helps cleanse facial lymph system
  • Massage will release tension and stress

Types of Acupressure Points/Techniques for facial beauty

After knowing the various benefits and advantages of acupressure for facial beauty, here follows some important points to know.

By applying pressure on the acupressure points correctly and following the therapy daily, you can get a better result, even more than expected. The facial pressure points are very simple to recognize and follow. They cause no harm, while improving your skin tone.

The most effective Acupressure Techniques and points are:

  • Third Eye Point
  • Facial Beauty Point
  • Three Mile Point
  • Heavenly Appearance or Glow Point
  • Heavenly Pillar Point and

Here we see in detail:

Third Eye Point:

third eye point

This is a very common acupressure point, which you can easily identify and do it. This point is located at the center of eyebrows and where Nose Bridge meets forehead.

By applying a mild pressure on this point for 1 minute, the Master Endocrine Glad gets stimulated and improves the skin texture. This acupressure point can also help to reduce various skin problems.

Facial Beauty Point:

facial beauty point

This is an other effective point for facial beauty. This point is located in the lower ridge of eye socket and base of cheekbone on both sides of the face, as shown in the image.

Simply use your index finger on these points and gently massage for 1 minute. By doing this regularly, you can reduce blemish marks, acne and stimulate blood circulation.

Three Mile Point:

three mile point

This point helps to strengthen the muscles throughout your body. This point is found below knees as shown in the image. The acupressure point can be identified about 4 centimeters down the knee cap on outside shin bone of the leg.

On identifying the point, use three fingers (index, big and ring) on both legs and gently massage for 5 minutes. Do this daily to get glowing skin and strengthen your muscle tone.

Heavenly Glow Point:

Heavenly Glow Point

This is an other important acupressure point used to improve your skin health. This point is located behind the jaws, downward from earlobe and just below jaw bones.

On identifying this point, you can give pressure gently for 1 minute. This will help to improve skin tone and facial muscles, while lessening wrinkles on your face.

Heavenly Pillar Point:

Heavenly Pillar Point

This point can help relieve stress. This point is located backside of the neck below the head. You can locate this point on the base of skull, where spine is attached to the head. Refer the image given below to locate heavenly pillar point.

By giving a gentle massage for up to 3 minutes at this point daily, you can find relief from stress and eliminate skin disorders. This point will also help to alleviate sleeping disorder, treat eye strain and exhaustion.

Massage for Inner eyebrows, Bridge of nose, temples and beside nostrils:

  • Apply safe and recommendable face cream at night before you go to bed. Point the location, bridge of the nose on inner side of eyebrows and use your thumbs on this point to massage. Hold on these points for a while to give pressure for a few seconds
  • Now move towards temples and massage both the sides for a few seconds
  • Now reach the point right beside nostrils and hold it for a few seconds
  • As an other tips, use your index finger to gently press the point below eye socket, near cheekbone for 1 minute. Do it on both the sides of the face. This can reduce blemishes and treat skin acne

Other Routine Beauty Tips:

  • Try to take nutritious foods rich in vitamin A, B, D and E
  • Take more minerals, iron, magnesium and zinc rich foods for clear and healthy skin
  • Avoid going out is peak sun, rather use sunscreen if unavoidable to go outdoors

Following all these above said acupressure tips for facial beauty can undoubtedly bring you amazing results within few days. You will recognize the change in your face and complexion by following these tips daily. These are the chemical free and cost-free, simple acupressure tips to enhance your facial beauty.


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