Himalaya Yashtimadhu tablet – Uses, side effects, dosage, safety

Himalaya Yashtimadhu Tablet

Himalaya Yashtimadhu tablet is an Ayurvedic herbal formulation derived from the roots of Glycyrrhiza Glabra (Licorice) and is generally used as a demulcent. These tablets are useful for the treatment of heartburn, stomach ulcer, gastric ulcers, GERD and many more.¬†Himalaya Yashtimadhu tablets are manufactured and marketed by The Himalaya Drug Company and are highly trusted … Read more

Oats vs Dalia – Which is better for your health?

Oats vs Dalia

There is always a controversy running between the topic Oats vs Dalia and which one is better for our health. Both oats and Dalia are generally consumed by us as breakfast foods and are considered great for our health. Some consider oats as a healthier option while some prefer Dalia over oats. In this busy … Read more

Top 11 best hairstyles for men in India (2021) – According to face shape, hair texture and length of hair

best hairstyles for men in India

Ever been to a salon and regretted not getting the desired hairstyle after coming back home? Why is my new hairstyle not suiting with the face but suiting with a celeb’s face that’s quite similar to me? Why is the hairstyle I am trying to do is not suiting me? Which hairstyle would suit my … Read more

10 Side effects of Honey – Disadvantages and Precautions

Side effects of Honey

We all know about honey and its several health benefits. Honey is basically a sweet, viscous liquid made by honeybees. Honey has anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which are actually great for your health. From providing you with clearer skin to lowering cholesterol levels honey has gained huge popularity for its sweet taste and premium … Read more

Avil Tablet 25 mg – Uses, Side effects, Dosage, Composition

Avil Tablet 25mg

Avil Tablet ( 25mg ) is an antiallergenic tablet used for the treatment of certain allergies in the body ( be it internally or externally ). Avil tablet is manufactured and marketed by Sanofi India Limited and is generally prescribed by doctors for people with allergenic conditions. The main active ingredient in the Avil tablet … Read more

8 Health benefits of Bombay duck (Bombil)

Health benefits of Bombay duck

Bombay duck also known as bombil is basically a fish and not a duck. It belongs to the lizardfish family and is famous in Maharashtra, Gujarat and the Lakshadweep Sea. The fish is eaten after drying and possesses a very strong odor. They are eaten fried or used in curries just like any other fish … Read more

McCain Aloo Tikki Review – Is it safe?

McCain Aloo Tikki Review

Everyone loves McCain Aloo Tikki especially children because of its taste and flavor. It is a processed food with a combination of mashed potatoes and some Indian spices that actually build its taste. Mccain Aloo Tikki has become famous because of the resemblance of its taste with the traditional aloo Tikki recipe and its quick … Read more

Masking personality – Definition, causes, symptoms, how to cope up?

Masking personality

Masking personality is a part of learned psychological behavior. It is basically a mask put on by individuals due to social pressure, harassment or abuse. There are various examples of masking personality done by an individual which include various types of behavior, various temperaments under various situations and goes on and on. Nowadays this psychological … Read more

10 Health Benefits of Eating Moong Sprouts in the Morning

Health Benefits of Eating Moong Sprouts

Do you know how you used to eagerly wait for soaking Moong dal to split open into tiny tail-like structures? Wasn’t it interesting when you were a kid? Sprouting is the procedure, and Moong sprouts may be a very nutritious addition to your regular meals. While there are many different types of beans to select … Read more