How to increase oxygen level in the body during the Covid-19 scenario?

How to increase oxygen level in the body

Covid 19 is increasing day by day in the country and several deaths are being reported due to coronavirus. People are facing oxygen depletion in their bodies due to the lack of immunity and various factors caused during this pandemic. As a result, people are taking safety measures in order to prevent themselves from this … Read more

Health Benefits Of Black Pepper Water

health benefits of black pepper water

If you are experiencing problems like tiredness or you are feeling like your immunity is going down (especially in the Covid 19 scenario) then drinking black pepper water should be your priority. Black pepper water is nothing but powdered black pepper mixed in warm water. We all know the benefits of black pepper, but we … Read more

How to get a sharp jawline? (Result in 7-8days)

How to get a sharp jawline

Today’s topic is all about jawline and how to get a sharp jawline. If you are meeting someone for the first time, the first thing that comes to his/her notice is the face, in which the jawline plays one of the most important parts. When the new generation is spending so much time in gyms … Read more

ORS vs Electral vs Enerzal – 2021

ORS vs Electral vs Enerzal

Today I am going to bring you a quick comparison of ORS vs Electral vs Enerzal. People of different ages have already consumed at least one of them at any phase of their life. But you might be wondering which one is the best among the three of them.  This type of oral rehydration salts … Read more

Foods With Vitamin B12 For Vegetarians

Foods With Vitamin B12 For Vegetarians

Vitamin B12 is highly essential for the body. As mentioned in our previous article Vitamin B12 is easily available from animal sources like fish, egg, and meat, but what about vegetarian people? How will vegetarians fulfill their daily Vitamin B12 requirement of the body? Well, today we are going to provide you with a list … Read more

Vitamin B12 Deficiency Symptoms – symptoms, diseases, tests

Vitamin B12 Deficiency Symptoms

Today in this blog we are going to know about Vitamin B12 and its deficiency syndromes. We all know how important is Vitamin B12 in our body. All your questions regarding Vitamin B12 will be answered in this article. What is Vitamin B12? In our body, Vitamin B12 is responsible for the production of Red … Read more

Accumass vs Endura Mass – Which is the better weight gainer and why?

Accumass vs Endura Mass

The topic “Accumass vs Endura Mass” is a very controversial topic and after going through certain articles, I couldn’t find the right information regarding which one is the better in aspects of gaining weight. So, today, in this blog we will be comparing both Accumass and Endura Mass and will be determining the best weight … Read more

10 Health Benefits Of Avocado Fruit

Health Benefits Of Avocado

Today we are going to know about the various health benefits of avocado fruit. Avocado is also known as “Makkhanphal” in India. Avocado is also known as Alligator pears because of the appearance of the shell of avocado. Avocado Fruit – Nutritional Information One Avocado fruit (201gms) contain the following nutrients. Nutrition Amount Protein 4g … Read more

9 Simple tips to sleep (without medicines)

9 tips to sleep

A lot of questions are there related to the term “sleep” among people. But not all people are experiencing a deep sleep because of certain issues running on their mind or due to not enough daily exercises. Sometimes people suffer from insomnia for which they take medications for regular deep sleep. But do you know … Read more

How did Sara Ali Khan lose weight? – Diet plan, Workout, Motivation

How did Sara Ali Khan lose weight?

Everyone knows about the amazing weight loss transformation of Sara Ali Khan, but how she did it is still a mystery. Today in this blog we are going to reveal the mystery of how Sara Ali Khan lost so much weight within a short period of time. We will be discussing how Sara Ali Khan … Read more