16 ways to reuse tea bags

Ways To Reuse Tea Bags

In my previous blog I pointed out the several harmful effects of regular use of tea bags, but what happens if

You have already bought a bunch of tea bags?

You just got to witness the harmful effects of tea bags and want to quit using tea bags.

But what about the investment you have already made?

What if you are using paper tea bags and after using it you need to throw them away?

Stop right there!

Tea bags after or before use can be reused for various other purposes and you will be shocked to know the advantages of reusing tea bags.

Ways to reuse tea bags – 16 ways

So here I provide you with 16 ways how you can reuse tea bags

1. Soothes Razor Burns

Use chamomile tea bags on your skin to naturally soothe razor burns. Gentle rub the tea bags on your razor burns. You can witness immediate results

2.Feet Enhancer

Add brewed tea bags in warm water and soak your feet. This will soften your calluses, nourish your skin, and will prevent foot odors.

3. Rash remover

Massage skin with tea bags to soothe irritation and inflammation, you can see results in minutes.

4. Meat Tenderizer

Never dry out your poultry again. Add used tea bags into the pan while it cooks. The tea is an all-natural meat tenderizer.

5. Natural glass cleaner

Use tea bags as a natural glass cleaner. Wipe your dirty window glass or door glass with a used tea bag and gently wash it with water after scrubbing. You will see efficient results.

6. Utensil Cleaner

Fill your sink with water and put 2-3 tea bags inside it with dirty utensils. Soak the utensils for a while and wash them with ease. The tannic acid of tea easily breaks down grease and food stuck on dishes.

7. Make weak tea

Make weak tea from already brewed tea bags. This can be used to prepare a flavoring mild hot drink for cherishing purposes.

8. Floor polisher

Use brewed tea bags when cleaning your wooden surfaces. The tea will give your floor natural shine and polish.

9. Keeps away pests

Hang up some tea bags in your cupboards and pantries to keep away from pests. The smell of these tea bags keeps away pests and other flies from your cupboards.

10. Provides a vintage look to your paper

Tea bags can be used for home decor purposes. First, crumble a written paper and then dab moist used tea bags for a vintage look on your paper. Air dry for 5 minutes. This vintage paper can be used as a decorating material.

11. Coloring Agent

Color wooden surfaces with natural colors from already brewed tea bags. Hibiscus tea bag gives you red color, black tea bags give you orange color, chamomile tea gives you yellowish color. You can also use this for your art projects.

12. Smelly hands?

Rinse your hands with a brewed tea bag and water to remove the odor from your hand. The smell of the odor entirely depends upon the tea bag flavor.

13. Bad odor remover

Store a couple of used tea bags in an open bowl in your fridge. The tea bags will absorb all the bad odors of the fridge. Also to remove bad odor from shoes ( a common problem in India) leave used black tea bags in your shoes for an hour. Black tea has a high concentration of tannin which helps in removing the odor-producing bacteria in your shoes.

14. Great manure for plants

Dry used tea bags and pour their contents into a bowl. Add water, mix, and add the mixture to potted plants before watering. Tannin found in black and green tea creates rich and healthy soil for plants.

15. Protects plant from fungus

Toss used tea bags in your watering bucket. Leave it through the night. Water your plants with this mixture to protect them from fungus.

16. Air freshener in cars

These used tea bags always contain a great smell. You can hang these tea bags on the inside of your car to use them as an air freshener.


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